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Wednesday, 29 July 2009 18:19


Kashf-ul-Israr (کشف الاسرار)

Author: Data Ganj Bakhsh

Pages: 7

Language: Urdu


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Saturday, 18 July 2009 12:15

Bostan (Orchard) by Saadi

Bostan (Orchard) by Sadi


Author: Shaikh Saadi


A very famous book of a famous Persian poet Shaykh Sadi, the Bostan or Orchard is a description of Sadi's travels and analysis of human psychology. This book was taught at early ages in the Islamic schools throught Persian empire including India.



Pages: 135

Format: PDF

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Saturday, 18 July 2009 11:31

Anees-ul-Arwah (Urdu)


Author: Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri (rahmatullah alaih)

Language: Urdu (اردو)


This is a rare book containing the Malfuzat (Sayings) of a great sufi shaykh Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (rahmatullah alaih), the Shaykh of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti (rahmatullah alaih).


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Saturday, 11 July 2009 00:00

Discourses of Rumi

Discourses of Rumi

Based on the original translation by A. J. Arberry


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Tuesday, 12 May 2009 00:00

مکتوبات جوابی، فارسی

مکتوبات جوابی، فارسی

مکتوبات شیخ شرف الدین منیری، مع مکتوبات شیخ عبد القادر جیلانی

Maktoobat Jawabi (Reply Letters) of Shaikh Sharf ad-Din Yahya Muneri

Along With Letters of Hadhrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani (rahmatullah alaihim)

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Saturday, 09 May 2009 00:00

دیوان شمس، فارسی

Deewan e Shams e Tabrizi

Author: Mawlana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Language: Persian (فارسی)

Format: Text

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Sunday, 15 February 2009 17:03

Khatam Al-Awliya (Arabic)

Khatam Al-Awliya (ختم الاولياء)

Author: Imam Hakeem Tirmidhi

Language: Arabic


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Sunday, 15 February 2009 00:00

Awarif al-Ma'arif

Awārif al-Ma'ārif is one the main books of Tasawwuf, written by Shaikh Shahāb ad-Dīn Umar Ibn Muhammad as-Suharwardi [rahmatullah alaih].

Available in Arabic, Persian and Sindhi

عوارف المعارف، شيخ شهاب الدين السهروردي

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Wednesday, 28 January 2009 00:00

Travelling the Path of Love

Travelling the Path of Love

Sayings of Sufi Masters

Travelling The Path Of Love

By: Llesellyn Vaughan-Lee

Publisher: The  Golden Sufi Center

ISBN: 096345742X, 9780963457424

Pages: 245

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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 20:15

Afzal-us-Salaat (Urdu)


Title: Afzal-us-Salaat Alaa Sayyid-is-Sadaat

Author: Allama Sheikh Yusuf Bin Isma'il An-Nabaani

Language: Urdu

Translator: Hakim Muhammad Asghar Faruqi

Genre: Sunni, Sufi


Virtues of reciting Salaat for Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).

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