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دیوان رحمان بابا، پښتو

دیوان رحمان بابا، پښتو

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Diwan of Rahman Baba in Pashto

170 pages


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Anwar-e-Sultani (Ashaar-e-Sultani)

Anwar-e-Sultani (Ashaar-e-Sultani)

انوار سلطانی (اشعار سلطانی)

Poetry: Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Explanation: Noor Muhammad Sarwari Qadri

Language: Punjabi, Urdu

Pages: 111

Source: http://www.yabahu.com/Bookshelf/Bookshelf-3.htm

The book contains stanzas of kalam-e-Bahu (R.A) with their translation and detailed explanation.

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Irfan-e-Sultani (عرفان سلطانی)

Author: Saleem Akhtar Noori Hazoori

Language: Punjabi, Urdu

Pages: 186

Source: http://www.yabahu.com/Bookshelf/Bookshelf-2.htm

Kalam-e-Bahu (spiritual poetry of Hazrat Sultan Bahu) has been beautifully explained by the author in this book. He also guides truth-seekers on the way of finding ALLAH. The book also presents a list of 99 names of the spiritual saint Hadrat Sultan Bahu (R.A).

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Bostan (Orchard) by Saadi

Bostan (Orchard) by Sadi


Author: Shaikh Saadi


A very famous book of a famous Persian poet Shaykh Sadi, the Bostan or Orchard is a description of Sadi's travels and analysis of human psychology. This book was taught at early ages in the Islamic schools throught Persian empire including India.



Pages: 135

Format: PDF

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