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دیوان صرفی، فارسی

دیوان صرفی، فارسی مع اردو مقدمہ

دیوان شاعرانہ فارسی حضرت شیخ یعقوب صرفی کشمیری کبروی رحمۃ اللہ علیہ

Divan-i Sarfi, Persian. Poetry of Shaykh Yaqub Sarfi Kashmiri Kubravi (d.1594)

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Panj Ganj by Shaykh Yaqoub Sarfi - Manuscript

A rare manuscript of a Persian book Panj Ganj by the great Sufi master of Kubravi order Shaykh Yaqoub Sarfi Kashmiri (d.1594)

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مغازی النبی، دو نسخه های خطی، فارسی

مولف شیخ یعقوب صرفی کشمیری

Two rare manuscripts of the book Mughazi-ul-Nabi, a book of Seerah written in Persian, authored by the great Sufi shaykh of Kashmir Shaykh Yaqub Sarfi Kashmiri (d. 1594). The first manuscript dates to 1303 AH (1895/96 CE) and is not complete. The second seems to be complete and is undated. The book is written in poetry. It is not known if it has been published or not.

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مسلک الاخیار، نسخه خطی قدیمی، فارسی

کتاب مسلک الاخیار، نسخه خطی قدیمی، بزبان فارسی

مولف شیخ یعقوب صرفی کشمیری

A rare and old manuscript of a Persian poetic Sufi book authored by a great Indian Sufi shaykh of the Kubravi order, Shaykh Yaqub Sarfi Kashmiri (d.1594), who was the shaykh of Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf-e-Sani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi (d.1034 AH) in the Kubravi tariqah.

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