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لوایح خانقاه مظهریه، فارسی

لوایح خانقاه مظهریه، فارسی

مکتوبات مدرسۀ دیر، خانقاه ملا نسیم، اوچ، دیر، پاکستان

A rare collection of letters and correspondence (Persian) between followers/murids of Mirza Mazhar Jan-i-Janan Dahlawi (d.1195 AH).

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مکتوبات مرزا مظہر جان جاناں شہید دہلوی نقشبندی مجددی رحمة اللہ علیہ

محقق و مترجم: خلیق انجم

اشاعت 1997

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Difa-e-Mujaddid - Urdu and Farsi

difa-e-mujaddidCollection of articles by some of the greatest Sufi masters defending the great Mujaddid Alf-e-Sani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi. These articles or Riasalahs are written by:

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معمولات مظہریہ، اردو ترجمہ

mamoolat-e-mazhariyaA book of Sufi practices of the Naqshbandi order, written by Khwaja Muhammad Naeem'ullah Behraichi, a khalifa of the great Naqshbandi Sufi master Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janan Dehlavi (d. 1195 AH). This book is one of the best sources for learning about the life of Mirza Mazhar and his method of teaching Sufism in the 18th century India. It also contains a few of his letters.

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Diwan Mirza Mazhar wa Khareeta-e-Jawahir (Farsi and Urdu)

This is a rare collection of Sufi poetry (Divan) of the great Naqshbandi Sufi master and shaykh Mirza Mazhar Jan-i-Janan (d. 1195 AH). It also contains Khareeta-e-Jawahir, a collection of interesting Persian poems collected by Hazrat Mirza Mazhar, who was also one of the first poets of modern Urdu and a short collection of his Urdu poems is attached in the end. Maktabah Mujaddidiyah is much pleased to have been able to acquire this precious book and digitize it for the benefit of the lovers of Naqshbandi tariqa.

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Maqamat-i-Mazhari (Bengali translation)

maqamat-mazhari-bnMaqamat-i-Mazhari is the biography of great Indian Sufi master Hadrat Mirza Mazhar Jan-i-Janan Naqshbandi Mujaddidi, written by his spiritual successor and chief khalifa Hadrat Shah Abdullah alias Ghulam Ali Dehlavi.

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تاریخ و تذکرہ خانقاہ مظہریہ دہلی، اردو

از محمد نذیر رانجھا

This is a history of the great Naqshbandi shrine called Khanqah Mazhariyah Delhi, with biographies of its founders including Shah Saifuddin Sirhindi (d. 1096 AH), Sayyid Nur Muhammad Badayuni (d. 1135 AH), Mirza Mazhar Jan-i-Janan (d. 1195 AH) and Shah Abdullah alias Ghulam Ali Dehlavi (d. 1240 AH).

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Maqamat-e-Mazhari (Turkish)


Title: Maqamat-e-Mazhari

Author: Hazrat Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlavi Naqshbandi Mujaddidi

Language: Turkish

Genre: Sunni, Sufi

Publisher: Hakikat Kitabevi

Pages: 284

Website: http://www.hakikatkitabevi.com/

Description: Biography of the famous Naqshbandi shaikh Hazrat Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janan, written by his disciple and the great shaikh Hazrat Shah Abdullah Dehlavi



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