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Islam to the Modern Mind

Title:    Islam to the Modern Mind

Author: Dr Moulana Muhammad Fazl ur Rahman Ansari al-Qadri (RA)


This is a collection of lectures delivered in the 1970's by Dr Moulana Muhammad Fazl ur Rahman Ansari al-Qadri, an unparalleled intellectual giant of his time - known for his unique mastery of both classical theology as well as contemporary science. This book, available for the first time ever online by consent of the compiler Mr. Mahdie Kriel - to whom we humbly express our heartfelt gratutide - is a must read for modern seekers of the Truth!


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Kitab al-Tauheed by Imam Maturidi (Arabic)

Kitab al-Tauheed, or the book of Tauheed (Tawhid) by the great Imam Maturidi is like a textbook of Islamic theology in the Maturidi school.

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Mujaddid Alf Thani's Conception of Tawhid

The book describes the two ideologies of Tawhid in Sufism, namely Tawhid al-Wujudi and Tawhid al-Shuhudi, and discusses the second one as it was devised by Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi Mujaddid Alf Thani.

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