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Hudyat-ul-Ikhwan - A rare manuscript about Naqshbandi Sulook

A rare manuscript of a Sufi book on the Naqshbandi path, titled Hudyat-ul-Ikhwan, authored by Maulana Akbar Kashmiri Naqshbandi

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Maktubat Sirhindi - vol 1 - old rare manuscript

A very old and rare manuscript of the first volume of Maktubat sharif of Hazrat Imam Rabbani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi Faruqi (d. 1034 AH) in Persian.

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Mashaikh Naqshbandiya Mujaddidiya (Urdu)

A great book on the biographies of the masters of Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Sufi order. The distinction of this book with others is that this not only contains biographies of the Shuyukh in the golden chain, but also their major deputies, khulafa and other shaykhs of this golden Sufi order.

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Kanz-ul-Hidayaat by Mufti Muhammad Baqir Lahore (Urdu translation)

This wonderful book is a guide to the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Sufi path and contains guidelines for the various stages of this noble path. The author, a khalifa of Khwaja Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi (d. 1079 AH), has collected excerpts from the books of Naqshbandi masters about specific stages and lessons of this path, with few additions from himself. The books from where the excerpts are taken include Maktubat of Imam Rabbani Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi (d. 1034 AH) and Maktubat of his son Khwaja Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi.

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Maarif-e Ladunniya by Imam Rabbani (Farsi and Urdu)

A book of spiritual revelations by the great Mujaddid and Imam Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi. This contains the original Persian text (in Urdu script) and Urdu translation.

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Mukashifat-ul-Quloob by Imam Ghazali (Urdu translation)

Urdu translation of a famous and concise book of Islamic morality by Imam Ghazali

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Keemiya-e Saadat by Imam Ghazli (Urdu translation)

A great book of Tasawwuf by Imam Ghazali which is like a summarized version of Ihya-ul-Uloom.

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Tazkira Mashaikh-i Naqshbandiya (Urdu)

One of the best books on the biographies of Naqshbandi-Mujaddidi Khwajagan.
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Maqamat Masoomi (Farsi and Urdu translation)

Maqamat Masoomi is a great and authentic book on the biography and history of Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Masoom Faruqi Sirhindi (d. 1079 AH). It has been published with full details and original text in four volumes.

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Tuhfa Naqshbandiya (Urdu)

Urdu translation of the book Al-Hadiqat al-Nadiyah by Shaykh Muhammad bin Sulaiman Baghdadi Naqshbandi Khalidi (d. 1234 AH). It is one of the essential books of the Khalidi Naqshbandi tariqah with short biography of Maulana Khalid al-Baghdadi (1190-1242 AH)

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