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Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi - Life and Works (Arabic)

This is a great book for learning about the life of Imam Maturidi as well as his doctrine in the Islamic theology. Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi (d. 333 A.H) is the founder of Maturidi school of Islamic theology, one of the two greatest theology schools. His school is followed by all the Hanafi Muslims, the largest school of jurisprudence in Islam.

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Kitab al-Tauheed by Imam Maturidi (Arabic)

Kitab al-Tauheed, or the book of Tauheed (Tawhid) by the great Imam Maturidi is like a textbook of Islamic theology in the Maturidi school.

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اصول الرشاد لمقع مبانی الفساد

مصنف علامہ مولانا نقی علی خان (والد امام احمد رضا خان بریلوی)

Usul ar-Rashaad Li-Maq'a Mabani al-Fasaad

By Mawlana Naqi Ali Khan (father of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan)

This is a really valuable book in which the father of the great Imam, who himself was a leading scholar of the time, has discussed the problems with the Deobandi school of thought in light of the earlier scholars and their works. This is a masterpiece of later day Islamic theology.

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Divan-e-Bahu (دیوان باھو)

Author: Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Source: http://www.yabahu.com/Bookshelf/Bookshelf-3.htm

It contains some important poetic verses composed by the most revered Hadrat Sultan Bahu (R.A). These are the verses related to Sufism and they possess an extensively deep meaning, which can only be rightly comprehended by saints and persons having abilities to understand spiritual subjects.


English Translation (149 pages)

Translated by: Prof. Syed Ahmad Saeed Hamdani

Foreword by: Prof. Dr. Annemarie Schimmel

Urdu Translation (142 pages) with original Persian

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Anwar-e-Sultani (Ashaar-e-Sultani)

Anwar-e-Sultani (Ashaar-e-Sultani)

انوار سلطانی (اشعار سلطانی)

Poetry: Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Explanation: Noor Muhammad Sarwari Qadri

Language: Punjabi, Urdu

Pages: 111

Source: http://www.yabahu.com/Bookshelf/Bookshelf-3.htm

The book contains stanzas of kalam-e-Bahu (R.A) with their translation and detailed explanation.

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Irfan-e-Sultani (عرفان سلطانی)

Author: Saleem Akhtar Noori Hazoori

Language: Punjabi, Urdu

Pages: 186

Source: http://www.yabahu.com/Bookshelf/Bookshelf-2.htm

Kalam-e-Bahu (spiritual poetry of Hazrat Sultan Bahu) has been beautifully explained by the author in this book. He also guides truth-seekers on the way of finding ALLAH. The book also presents a list of 99 names of the spiritual saint Hadrat Sultan Bahu (R.A).

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