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یکشنبه, 29 دی 1387 13:15

Stories of the Quran by Ibn Katheer

Stories of the Quran

Author: Hafiz Ibn Katheer

Translator: Ali As-Sayed Al-Halawani

Language: English


Table of Contents

Translator's Note

Publisher's Note

Biography of Ibn Katheer

1. The Story of Habil and Qabil (Abel and Cain)

2. Harut and Marut

3. Dwellers of the Town

4. Story of the Heifer

5. Moses and AI-Khadir

6. The Story of Qarun (Korah)

7. Bilqis (Queen of Sheba)

8. The Story of Saba' (Sheba)

9. `Uzair (Ezra)

10. Dhul Qarnain

11. Gog and Magog

12. People of the Cave

13. The Believer & the Disbeliever

14. People of the Garden

15. The Sabbath-Breakers

16. Story of Luqman

17. People of the Ditch

18. Barsisa the Worshipper (The Renegade)

19. Owners of the Elephant


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