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یکشنبه, 27 بهمن 1387 17:16

Al-Minhat al-Wahbiyat Fi Ridd al-Wahabiyyat (Arabic)

Al-Minhat al-Wahbiyat Fi Ridd al-Wahabiyyat (المنحة الوهبية في رد الوهابية)

Author: Shaikh Dawood Bin Suleman Baghdadi Naqshbandi Khalidi

Language: Arabic


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جمعه, 29 آذر 1387 19:15

Belief and Islam - English



Title: Belief and Islam

Author: Maulana Khalid Al-Baghdadi Al-Naqshbandi

Language: English

Genre: Sunni

Publisher: Hakikat Kitabevi, Turkey

Pages: 114


This book, written by a famous sufi shaikh and scholar of Islam, describes in detail the six basic beliefs of Islam, called Iman-e-Mujmal, and discusses about the beliefs of Ahl-us-Sunnah.

Belief and Islam


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Published in کتاب ها
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