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A detailed letter of Hazrat Khwaja Saif-ur-Rahman Mubarak Khurasani (1925-2010) about the validity of women Shaykhs in Sufism. Some ignorant people deny that women can be shaykhs in Sufism, and this letter was written to clarify the issue, with proofs from authentic sources of Sufism. Original Persian letter also included.

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سه شنبه, 03 فروردين 1389 22:07

تعليم النساء، سنڌي

تعليم النساء، مصنف مولانا محمد قاسم گبول طاهري نقشبندي

Author: Mawlana Muhammad Qasim Gabol Tahiri Naqshbandi

Language: Sindhi

Publisher: Idarat-al-Marifat

Website: www.zikar.com

A great book about the Fiqh matters of women, writing in simple Sindhi language.

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