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Hadiyyat al-Mahdiyyeen (Arabic)

This book Hadiyyat al-Mahdiyyeen (Gift of the Guided) is written by an Ottoman Muslim scholar Yusuf bin Junaid al-Rumi al-Hanafi (died in 902 A.H), explaining the sins and actions that lead to Kufr (disbelief). It is accompanied by four other short books written by famous scholars against the Qadiani sect and their disbelief.
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Saif Chishtiayee سیف چشتیائی

Author: Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah (حضرت پیر مہر علی شاہ گولڑوی)

Language: Urdu

فتنہ قادیانیت و مرزائیت کے خلاف حضرت پیر مہر علی شاہ صاحب کی تصنیف


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