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00430_jame-ul-kalam-sdCompilation of the selected letters of famous Islamic scholars and Sufi masters of Sindh who lived around 18th century CE. This contains 36 Arabic letters and 69 Persian letters.

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چهارشنبه, 18 مرداد 1391 09:28

رساله قدسیه، فارسی، ایران

A rare book called Qudsiya (Persian), authored by Khwaja Muhammad Parsa, containing Malfuzat (speeches) of Khwaja Bahauddin Naqshband Bukhari.

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seerat-salman-farsiBiography of Hazrat Salman Farsi, a companion of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), by Allama Fazl Ahmad Arif.

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ليکڪ حضرت شيخ سعدي شيرازي رحمة الله عليه

مترجم مولانا محمد قاسم سومرو

روشني پبليڪيشن، ڪنڊيارو، 1998

Gulistan by Hazrat Shaykh Saadi Shirazi, originally in Persian, is one of the most read books of Tasawwuf and of Persian literature.

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Muraqqa' Kalimi (Farsi with Urdu translation)

A collection of many different practices of Sufism for specific purposes.

By Hazrat Shah Kalim-ullah Jahanabadi Chishti

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Pand Nama - Farsi with Urdu translation

By Hazrat Shaykh Farid al-Din Attar (d. 627 AH)

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