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Different Writing Scripts for the Holy Quran

Quranic Scripts


The Holy Quran is read by many Muslims including Arabs and non-Arabs. Even in Arabic speaking countries, Arabic language is written in different styles, whereas non-Arabic Muslims also use different writing styles for reading the Holy Quran.


Due to this fact, the Noble Quran has been published with different scripts or styles. Following is a summary of publications of the Holy Quran in different scripts, present on the Internet for reading.

Help us expand this list. If you know about any other Quranic publication in one of these or other scripts, kindly inform us at این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید. Your little effort will allow many others to read the Holy Quran in their own script, hence will become an ever-lasting blessing for your. Thanks


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List of Online Translations of the Holy Quran


This list contains the translations of the Holy Quran in various languages which are present on the Internet. This list is not complete and new links and languages will be added with time.

Please note that not all of the following translations are authentic. Many have unknown publisher and unknown translator. Hence do not consider this list as a list of authentic Quranic translations.

Help us expand this list by sending a translation not listed here. Email us at: این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید.

Inform us if you find any broken links in this list.

Total Languages included here: 66
(some of the translations have been moved to separate articles. See the Translations category)

The Holy Quran
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Abous Us

About Us - is a project aimed to collect and promote Islamic books on the internet. It is like an online library which will catalog and store all the free Islamic books present on the Internet, with reviews and online links to the sources.


We are a small team of student volunteers who aim to realize this dream of a cloud of Islamic knowledge, put together on the internet. We work together to share the knowledge of Islam with all humanity, in all languages.


As there are already thousands of Islamic books available online in Arabic and English, our objective is to focus more on smaller languages and provide as much books as possible in as many languages. Currently we have books available in more than 80 languages.


At start, we are only focusing on classical and ancient books, which are most read and most sought after. Later on, we will add many other historical books and modern books in our catalog. But as the number of Islamic books published today is quite huge, we cannot provide every Islamic book, rather we focus on classical writings.


We have also started publishing some Islamic books through self-publishing services widely available today. You can buy books from our store which is a frontend to our publisher. We are not going to publish all the books, rather those books which are not available in the International book market. See the store for further details.


We welcome you to download and read the books on and also request you to send us any valuable Islamic book that you want to see on our website. We will try to publish it as soon as possible. But due to the large amount of books already available, we prefer those books which are not available online, or are not easy to find.

You can contact us at the following email:

این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید

We accept donations through Paypal. Send your donations to this noble cause via Paypal to the following email address:

این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید

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An Online Islamic Library

This project is a new endeavor by a few Muslim students to develop an online repository for all the Islamic books, texts and manuscripts. Following are some of the objectives this project is aimed to achieve, along with the requirements for that:

Aims and Objective

  • To catalog all the Islamic books freely available on the Internet.
  • To put more Islamic books online, specially early authentic manuscripts and classical texts.
  • To diversify the knowledge of Islam by presenting books in every language of world.
  • To allow users to be able to create personal libraries, where they can create personal copies of the books and make notes in them.
  • To assist researches to take notes and create references to books as well as individual pages.
  • To present all the stuff free of cost, to all users, and always. This project will only catalog and host free books, which either have no copyrights, or the copyrights allow free reading. Most of the Islamic content remains free today. But we will also focus on purchasing the copyrights of valuable books, for the benefit of readers.
  • This project is open to books related to any sect, school of thought or organization related to Islam. But we will not allow any books that contain hatred, and try to create differences among Muslims.



This project requires financial support in order to make it a realistic online Islamic library, where users can browse, search and read Islamic books, as well as create notes and references for their personal use or research.

We request you, whether a person, organization, company or government body, to donate to this project. We specially request those Islamic organizations which aim to promote Islamic books, to fund this project and promote the Islamic knowledge in all languages of the world. Every human being, whatever language he/she speaks, deserves to know about Islam and its teachings. This is the place where this objective is to be achieved.


This project fully depends upon volunteer work from the people who really want to achieve this objective. Hence we request you to work for us. Whatever field you specialize in, you may prove yourself to be a valuable asset for this project, and the Islam.


History was started on 6th November 2008. The domain name was registered in a hurry, as no other proper domain name existed for this purpose. Maktabah is an Arabic word meaning library.


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