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مصاحف القرآن الكریم بقراءة الإمام نافع

Written by الإمام نافع المدني
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The Noble Qurʼān, the muṣḥaf of the qirāʼat of Imām Nāfiʻ al-Madanī.

In the Islamic world, the qirāʼat of Imām Nāfiʻ is the second most widely recited qirāʼat of the Holy Qurʼān, after that of Imām ʻĀṣim (Ḥafṣ ʻan ʻĀṣim). Particularly, the Warsh riwāyah is used as the default in the North African countries.

There are two riwāyahs of the qirāʼat of Imām Nāfiʻ, namely Qālūn and Warsh. Since Warsh is more popular, here we present it as the first, and then the Qālūn riwāyah is given.

1 Warsh ʻan Nāfiʻ

1.1 Madīnah Edition

Madīnah edition is the edition published by the government of Saudi Arabia.

Best Quality: Madīnah Edition, the riwāyah of Warsh ʻan Nāfiʻ, 70 MB (graphics, not scanned)

Scanned versions:

PDF 89 MB (medium quality)

PDF 148 MB

1.2 Tunisia Edition

This edition is published from Tunisia, based on the riwāyah of Warsh by tarīq of Aṣbahānī, 628 pages. Some letters are printed in color to indicate Tajweed rules. The rules of Tajweed of the Warsh riwāyah are explained in the end.

Download file, 200 MB (good quality scanned version)

1.3 Tajweed Editions

There are two tarīqs of the Warsh riwāyah, something like two branches. One is Azraq and the other is Aṣbahānī. The following two files are Tajweed editions of these two tarīqs (scanned PDF files).

Muṣḥaf Tajweed, riwāyah Warsh, tarīq Azraq, 604 pages, 94 MB

Muṣḥaf Tajweed, riwāyah Warsh, tarīq Aṣbahānī, 604 pages, 92 MB

2 Qālūn ʻan Nāfiʻ

2.1 Madīnah Edition

Madīnah Edition in the riwāyah of Qālūn ʻan Nāfiʻ, published in Saudi Arabia. PDF file with scanned images.

Download PDF, high quality (156 MB)

Download PDF, low quality (94 MB)

2.2 Tunisia Edition

Published in Tunisia, high quaity scanned PDF, 446 MB

Download File, 446 MB (warning: very lage file)

2.3 Muṣḥaf Jamāhīriyah

Muṣḥaf al-Jamāhīriyah, published in Tripoli, Libya. 626 pages. Published in 1989 / 1399 AH. PDF file with scanned images.

Best quality, 175 MB

Good quality, 75 MB

Low quality, 12 MB

2.4 Rasm Imām Kharāz

The Noble Quran in the riwāyah of Imam Qālūn, in the writing standard of Imam Kharāz

Download file 62 MB (bad quality scanned version)

2.5 Tajweed Edition

Tajweed edition with colored letters indicating Tajweed rules. Based on Qālūn riwāyah.

Download PDF, 203 MB (scanned)

Another Tajweed edition, 604 pages, Qālūn riwāyah, 105 MB

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