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ڪلام گرهوڙي، سنڌي

Written by ڊاڪٽر عمر بن محمد دائودپوٽو
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ڪلام گرهوڙي

حضرت مخدوم عبدالرحيم گرهوڙي فقير جو منظوم سنڌي ڪلام

مءلف ڊاڪٽر عمر بن محمد دائود پوٽو

Kalam Girhori contains the Sindhi poetry of the famous Sufi saint and the Naqshbandi shaykh of Sindh Hazrat Makhdoom Abdur Rahim Girhori (d. 1192 AH). It has been researched by Dr Umar bin Muhammad Daudpoto, a great research scholar of Sindh.


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