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Shah Naqshband (English)

Biography of Khwaja Bahauddin Naqshband from original sources, translated from Turkish

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Masters of the Naqshbandi Way (English, Arabic)

The Golden Chain of Transmission: Masters of the Naqshbandi Way, by Shaykh Osman Nuri Topbas

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40 Hadith on Sufism

40 Hadith on Sufism is an excellent English rendition of the Arabic original (also included), authored by the renowned Sufi and Muhaddith of the fourth century, Shaykh Abu Abdur-Rahmān al-Sulamī (d.412 AH / 1021).

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The Noble Qurʼān, the muṣḥaf of the qirāʼat of Imām Nāfiʻ al-Madanī.

In the Islamic world, the qirāʼat of Imām Nāfiʻ is the second most widely recited qirāʼat of the Holy Qurʼān, after that of Imām ʻĀṣim (Ḥafṣ ʻan ʻĀṣim). Particularly, the Warsh riwāyah is used as the default in the North African countries.

There are two riwāyahs of the qirāʼat of Imām Nāfiʻ, namely Qālūn and Warsh. Since Warsh is more popular, here we present it as the first, and then the Qālūn riwāyah is given.

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The Noble Qur'an, the mushaf of qirāʼat of Imām ʻĀṣim al-Asadī al-Kūfī

Out of the ten qirāʼāt of the Holy Qurān, the qirāʼat of Imām ʻĀṣim is the most widely available qirāʼat today and is read in almost all the Islamic countries (a few have other recitations).

There are two riwāyas (narrations) of this qirāʼat, which stand like two branches and have minor differences. The riwāyah of Imām Ḥafṣ, called “Ḥafṣ ʻan ʻĀṣim”, is the default riwāya. The other one is the riwāya of Imām Shuʻbah.

This article lists the links to the editions of the Holy Qurān based on these two riwāyahs.

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The Darqawi Way – Letters of the great Sufi master Shaykh Mawlay al-Arabi ad-Darqawi (d.1239 AH) written to his Fuqara

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Risalah Qushairiyah, English translation

Risalah Qushairiyah, English translation

Al-Qushayri's Epistle on Sufism

By Imam Abu'l-Qasim al-Qushairi

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Mawlid Rasul Allah sallAllahu alaihi wa-Sallam

Authored by Imam Imaduddin Ibn Kathir Damishqi ash-Shafii (d.774H)

Foreword and Hadith documentation by Prof. Dr. Syed Aleem Ashraf Jaisi, Dept. of Arabic, Maulana Abul Kalam National Urdu University, Hyderabad, India

English translation by Basharath Ali Siddiqui Quadri Ashrafi

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Reality of the Film 'Innocence of Muslims' and Challenges of the Twenty First Century

An intellectual response to the latest anti-Islam film, by Shaykh Imdad Hussain Pirzada, principal Jamia al-Karam, UK.




حقيقة الفيلم المسيئ ومقتضيات القرن الحادي والعشرين




امریکی گستاخانہ فلم کی حقیقت اور اکیسویں صدی کے تقاضے



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Dunia ka qadeem tareen majmua hadith

sahifah-munabbihThe oldest authentic collection of Hadith, called Sahifah Hammam Bin Munabbih An Abu Hurairah

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