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تفسیر یعقوب چرخی، فارسی

تفسیر یعقوب چرخی

مصنف حضرت خواجہ مولانا یعقوب چرخی (۸۵۱ھ)، خلیفہ حضرت خواجہ بھاؤالدین نقشبند بخاری قدس سرہم

تفسیر سورہ فاتحہ و دو پارۂ آخر

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Risail Maulana Yaqub Charkhi - Urdu and Farsi

risail-charkhiShort writings (Risail, pl. of Risalah) of Hazrat Maulana Yaqub Charkhi (d.851 AH), the great Sufi master of the Naqshbandi order.

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Risail Naqshbandiya - Urdu

A collection of four ancient writings of the Naqshbandi masters, translated in Urdu by Iqbal Ahmad Faruqi and published by Maktabah Nabaviyyah, Lahore.

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Tafseer Charkhi translated in Urdu by Nazeer Ranjha

Tafseer of the last two paras of the Holy Quran by the great Naqshbandi saint and Sufi scholar Shaykh Yaqoob Charkhi (d. 1447 / 851H), translated in Urdu by Muhammad Nazeer Ranjha.

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Risalah Unsiyya by Mawlana Yaqub Charkhi - Persian Urdu

Risalah Unsia (or Unsiyya) is a short treatise written by Hazrat Khwaja Mawlana Yaqoob Charkhi (d. 851 AH / 1447 CE), the great Naqshbandi shaykh and khalifa of Khwaja Bahauddin Naqshband Bukhari.

This edition contains the original Persian text and its Urdu translation by Muhammad Nazeer Ranjha. 120 pages. Published by Maktabah Sirajia, Musa Zai Sharif, Pakistan.

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Tafseer Ya'qoob-e-Charkhi

Shaykh Khwajah Mawlana Ya'qoob Charkhi (762h-851h) born in a village called Charkh in Ghazni and attained training in the Spiritual Sciences at the hands of Shah Baha'uddin Naqshband (RA) to such an extent that Shah Baha'uddin Naqshband (RA) gave him the ijaazat saying, "These hands of yours are my own hands. Those that hold onto yours have held onto mine." Nonetheless, Mawlana Sahib (RA) completed his training at the hands of Khwajah Ala'uddin Attaar (RA) and it is through him that the Silsila runs.
His Tafsir dubbed Tafseer-e-Ya'qoob-e-Charkhi comprises of the expounding of Surah Faatiha, the entire 29th the 30th Sipaarah of The Holy Qur'aan and is based on His spiritual insights and proves a means of guidance towards higher Realities.

Tafseer e Yaqoob Charkhi

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