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Says Bahu ابیاتِ باھو

Says Bahu: Translation of Abyat-e-Bahu

ابیاتِ باہو، پنجابی شاعری اور اس کا انگریزی ترجمہ

Author: Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Translator: Prof. Syed Ahmad Saeed Hamdani

Pages: 286

Source: http://www.yabahu.com/Bookshelf/Bookshelf-3.htm

It is an english transltation of Abyat-e-Bahu(Kalam Bahu,Poetry of Sultan Bahu(R.A)). At the end of this book, Abyat-e-Bahu is given in punjabi (Original text).

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Divan-e-Bahu (دیوان باھو)

Author: Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Source: http://www.yabahu.com/Bookshelf/Bookshelf-3.htm

It contains some important poetic verses composed by the most revered Hadrat Sultan Bahu (R.A). These are the verses related to Sufism and they possess an extensively deep meaning, which can only be rightly comprehended by saints and persons having abilities to understand spiritual subjects.


English Translation (149 pages)

Translated by: Prof. Syed Ahmad Saeed Hamdani

Foreword by: Prof. Dr. Annemarie Schimmel

Urdu Translation (142 pages) with original Persian

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Abyat-e-Bahu (ابیات باہو)

Author: Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Language: Punjabi, Urdu

Pages: 635

Source: http://www.yabahu.com/Bookshelf/Bookshelf-3.htm

This book is a complete compilation of all the divinely composed Punjabi poems of Hadrat Sultan Bahu (R.A).All these poems have been put under the microscope to identify the genuine compositions. The source and originality of each prose has been fully probed.

Note: The PDF contains scanned images of the book and has some problems in viewing. If you can't view the contents, try another pdf reader instead of Adobe Reader.

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Khwajah Abu Yazid al-Bistami

Khwajah Abu Yazid al-Bistami

Author: Maulawi Jalaluddin Ahmed ar-Rowi

Language: Malay

Pages: 13


Tazkirah Al-Asfiya: Abu Yazid Bistami

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Al-Durrah al-Fakhirah (Arabic)

Al-Durrah al-Fakhirah

Author: Mawlana Abdur Rahman Jami

Language: Arabic

الدرة الفاخرة
الشيخ عبد الرحمن جامي


الدره الفاخره
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Kashf-ul-Israr (کشف الاسرار)

Author: Data Ganj Bakhsh

Pages: 7

Language: Urdu


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Sawaneh Ghaus-e-Azam (Urdu)

Sawanah Ghaus-e-Azam

Language: Urdu (اردو)

Author: Allama Faiz Ahmed Owaisi

Pages: 46

Format: PDF


Biography of Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadri Jilani (rahmatullah alaih)


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Bostan (Orchard) by Saadi

Bostan (Orchard) by Sadi


Author: Shaikh Saadi


A very famous book of a famous Persian poet Shaykh Sadi, the Bostan or Orchard is a description of Sadi's travels and analysis of human psychology. This book was taught at early ages in the Islamic schools throught Persian empire including India.



Pages: 135

Format: PDF

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Read Online at RIRA


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Anees-ul-Arwah (Urdu)


Author: Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri (rahmatullah alaih)

Language: Urdu (اردو)


This is a rare book containing the Malfuzat (Sayings) of a great sufi shaykh Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (rahmatullah alaih), the Shaykh of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti (rahmatullah alaih).


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Discourses of Rumi

Discourses of Rumi

Based on the original translation by A. J. Arberry


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