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Futooh al-Ghaib - Urdu translation by Raja Rasheed Mahmood

By Hazrat Ghaus al-Azam Mahboob-e-Subhani Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani r.a.

Translated in Urdu by Raja Rasheed Mahmood

Published by Farid Bookstall, Lahore

168 pages

Digitized and presented by Maktabah.org, November 2011


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Futooh al-Ghaib is the book of the speeches of Hazrat Ghaus al-Azam, may Allah be pleased with him. It is one of the books often read and taught in the Sufi circles.

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فتوح الغیب اردو ترجمہ از راجا رشید محمود

مصنف حضرت غوث الاعظم محبوب سبحانی شیخ عبد القادر جیلانی رضی اللہ عنہ

اردو ترجمہ از راجا رشید محمود

ناشر فرید بوک اسٹال، لاھور

168 صفحات

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غنیۃ الطالبین، اردو ترجمہ

Ghunyat al-Talibeen Urdu translation

By Hazrat Ghaus al-Azam Mahboob-e-Subhani Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani r.a.

Translated in Urdu by Maulana Muhammad Siddiq Hazarvi Saeedi

Published by Hamid & Company, Lahore, 1988

784 pages

Distributed by Farid Bookstall, Urdu Bazar, Lahore

Ghunyat ut-Talibeen is the most renowned book of Sayyidina Ghaus al-Azam. Ghunyat means sufficient, and hence the book was written to make it sufficient for the seekers of Truth for their Sharia and Tariqa matters. Although some doubt that a few passages in the book have been altered during the course of history, the book is otherwise a jewel for the seeker, as it is authored by the king of all Awliya.

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غنیۃ الطالبین اردو ترجمہ

از محبوب سبحانی حضرت شیخ سید عبد القادر جیلانی رضی اللہ عنہ

اردو ترجمہ از مولانا علامہ محمد صدیق ھزاروی سعیدی

ناشر حامد اینڈ کمپنی، لاہور

فرید بُک اسٹال، اردو بازار، لاہور

اشاعت ۱۹۸۸

۷۸۴ صفحات

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تحفة المرشدين، سنڌي

تحفة المرشدين سنڌي

Tuhfat-ul-Murshideen Sindhi

Authored by the will of Sayyid Shah Mardan Shah Awwal (first) (1279-1340 AH)

Published by Sikandariya Publications, Pir Jo Goth, Sindh, 2008

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Awarif-ul-Maarif Urdu translation

Awarif-ul-Maarif Urdu translation coverThe great book of Tasawwuf Awarif-ul-Maarif by Shaykh Umar Shahabuddin Suhrawardi

Translated in Urdu by Shams Barelvi

Includes a detailed history of the books of Tasawwuf and a biography of the author

Publisher: Progressive Books, Urdu Bazar, Lahore. 1998

776 pages in total including cover

Digitized and published electronically by Maktabah.org, November 2011


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عوارف المعارف اردو ترجمہ

مترجم حضرت شمس بریلوی

ناشر پروگریسو بکس، 1998


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رسالہ قشیریہ، اردو ترجمہ

One of the most celebrated books in Tasawwuf (Sufism), now available in Urdu

By Imam Abul-Qasim Abdul karim Hawazin al-Qushairi (376-465 AH)

Translated in Urdu by Shah Muhammad Chishti

Digitized and e-published by www.maktabah.org (october 2011)


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PDF format, 472 pages, 120 MB

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Al-Ihsan (Norwegian)

A book concerning the Islamic spirituality and science of Sufism which is also called Ihsan or Tazkiya.

Publisher: Noor 92 Publications


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ہدایت الانسان، اردو

ھدایت الانسان الی سبیل العرفان

از حضرت مولانا حافظ عبدالکریم نقشبندی

Hidāyat-ul-Insān Ilā Sabīl-il-Irfān (Urdu) is a great book by a great saint Hazrat Hafiz Abdul Karim Naqshbandi, that describes the principles and lessons of the Naqshbandi order, along with some other practices including Hizb-ul-Bahr.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011 22:06

فیض الکریم، اردو

Faiz-ul-Karim (Urdu), a book about Tasawwuf and its importance, by Maulana Qazi Aalim-uddin Naqshbandi (d.1942), a khalifa of Maulana Hafiz Abdul-Karim Naqshbandi

Digitized by www.maktabah.org (July 2011)

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A book by Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi about the secrets and Tasawwuf and the high courage of the true lovers, with biography of Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi by Muhammad Ali Chiragh.

Digitized by www.maktabah.org (July 2011)

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سراج العاشقين (سنڌي ترجمو)

ملفوظات شريف حضرت خليفه محمود نظاماڻي قادري نقشبندي (وفات 1851) رحمة الله عليه، ڪڙيو گنهور، خليفه اڪبر حضرت پير سائين محمد راشد روضي ڌڻي رحمة الله عليه

ليکڪ حضرت خليفو محمد ملوڪ چانڊيو رحمة الله عليه

مترجم قاضي فتح رسول نظاماڻي (ٽنڊو قيصر)

اشاعت 1998 محموديه اڪيڊمي ڪڙيو گنهور (مير محمد نظاماڻي جي ڪوششن سان)

Siraj-ul-Ashiqeen (Sindhi translation) is the Malfuzat of Hazrat Khalifo Mahmood Nizamani Qadri Naqshbandi (d.1851) of Kario Ganhwar, Badin, Sindh. Written by Khalifo Muhammad Malook Chandio and translated by Qazi Fateh Rasool Nizamani (Tando Qaiser), published in 1998.

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