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تحريڪ آزاديءَ ۾ سنڌ جي عالمن جو حصو، سنڌي

مصنف ڊاڪٽر مظهر الدين سومرو

نقش پبليڪيشنز، ڪراچي، 2008

صفحا: 550

Tahreek-e Azadi men Sindh Je Aliman Jo Hiso (Sindhi)

Sindhi Islamic scholars and the Independence movement (of British India)

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مخدوم نوح سرور جا سهيوڳي، سنڌي

مصنف پروفيسر محبوب علي چنا

هالا جي مشهور صوفي بزرگ حضرت مخدوم نوح سرور جا سهيوڳي

Makhdum Noor Sarwar Ja Sahyogi, Sindhi

Prof. Mahboob Ali Channa

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سندھ کے اکابرین قادریہ کی علمی و دینی خدمات (اردو)

مقالہ برائے پی ایچ ڈی

تحقیق و تصنیف ڈاکٹر صاحبزادہ فرید الدین قادری

Sindh ke Akabireen-e-Qadriya ki Ilmi wa Deeni Khidmaat (1198H to 1413H). Religious services of the Qadri Sufi masters of Sindh.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013 00:00

تحفۃ الکرام، اردو ترجمہ

A book about history of Sindh, written by Mir Ali Sher Qane Thattvi

Research and correction by Makhdoom Amir Ahmad and Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Baloch

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00430_jame-ul-kalam-sdCompilation of the selected letters of famous Islamic scholars and Sufi masters of Sindh who lived around 18th century CE. This contains 36 Arabic letters and 69 Persian letters.

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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 09:41

تذکرہ صوفیائے سندھ، اردو

tazkirah-sufiay-sindh-urBiographies of the popular Sufis of Sindh, in Urdu. Written by Ijaz-ul-Haqq Quddoosi

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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 00:00

تحفة الطاهرین، فارسی

tuhfat-ut-tahireen-faThis is a collection of biographies of the Sufis of Sindh, authored in 18th century. The preface, index and footnotes are in Sindhi, whereas the text is the original Persian text of the book.

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yanabee-ul-hayatA rare manuscript of an unpublished masterpiece of Sufism written in Persian by Makhdoom Abul Hasan Dahiri Sindhi Naqshbandi (d. 1181 AH). This is one of the major books written on Sufism in the Indian subcontinent, and some scholars have compared it to the Keemya Saadat of Imam Ghazali. This is an encyclopedia of Sufism written in the 12th century Hijri.

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Biographical skechtes of the Sindhi Auliya of Buhanpur India, who had migrated from Sindh and settled in Burhanpur city, India. Most famous of them is Hazrat Shaykh Isa bin Qasim Sindhi Shattari (d. 1031 AH).

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Sunday, 10 July 2011 17:26

Sindh ke Sufia-e-Naqshband (Urdu)

A PhD thesis on the Naqshbandi saints of Sindh, by Sahibzada Abul-khair Muhammad Zubair Naqshbandi (Hyderabad). Contains a list with short biographies of the known shaykhs of Sindh belonging to the Naqshbandi tariqa.

Digitized by www.maktabah.org (July 2011)

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