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Thursday, 10 December 2009 17:16

شرح اسماء الحسنیٰ، اردو

الدولة الکبریٰ شرح اسماء الحسنیٰ

تالیف: علامہ مولانا محمد ادریس ڈاھری نقشبندی

Sharah Asma-ul-Husna, Urdu

By Mawlana Muhammad Idrees Dahiri Naqshbandi

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Wednesday, 09 December 2009 22:27

ابتدائي سلوڪ، سنڌي

Ibteda-e-Sulook by Sirhindi (Sindhi) is a book of Sulook and Tariqat containing the method of Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Tariqah.

ابتدائي سلوڪ علامه محمد حسن جان سرهندي

Author: Allama Muhammad Hasan Jan Sirhindi

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Dans ce livre, écrit par Hadrat Mavlana Halid-i Baghdadi,le grand wali et l’un des grands savants de l’Islam, vécu pendant la règne de Sultan Mahmud Khan et intitulé “I’tikadnama”, on explique les “ cinq conditions de l’Islam “et “six conditions de la foi”, essentielles de l’İslam.

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Belief and Islam

Author: Mawlana Khalid al-Baghdadi Naqshbandi

Language: Bulgarian

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Endless Bliss (Se'âdet-i Ebediyye) - English Translation

Author: M. Siddik Gumus

Langauge: English

This book is a great source of religious and spiritual knowledge for a Muslim that covers almost every aspect of Islam. Many letters from the Maktubat of Hazrat Mujaddid Alf Thani have been translated into this book.

It was originally written in Turkish and later translated into English.

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Saturday, 31 October 2009 16:39

ڪرامات امام رباني، سنڌي

Karamat Imam Rabbani (ڪرامات امام رباني)

Author: Mawlana Muhammad Idrees Dahiri

Language: Sindhi

The book contains Karamat (spiritual miracles) of Hazrat Imam Rabbani Mujaddidi Alf Thani rahmatullah alaih.

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Friday, 30 October 2009 14:07

مدح نامه سنڌ، سنڌي ترجمو

The book contains merits and values of Sindh and Sindhi society in the 12th century Hijri. It was written in response to an article written by someone against the Sindh and its society.

Author: Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi (died 1174 AH)

Translator: Mawlana Muhammad Idrees Dahiri Naqshbandi

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Sunday, 11 October 2009 20:16

Hadhraat Kiram Naqshbandiyah (Urdu)

Hadhraat Kiram Naqshbandiyah

Language: Urdu

Author: Hafiz Nazeer Ahmed Naqshbandi

Biography of Naqshbandi Shaikhs.


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Malfuzat (sayings or speeches) of the great Naqshbandi saint Hazrat Shah Abdullah alias Ghulam Ali Dehlavi (d. 1240 AH)

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Sunday, 16 August 2009 22:18

ar-Risalah al-Aliyah [Sughra]

ar-Risalah al-Aliyah [Sughra]

Author: Maulawi Jalaluddin ar-Rowi

Language: Malay

Pages: 725


Ar-Risalah Al-'Aliyah [Sughra]
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