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Friday, 09 September 2011 20:20

Karma Che Aamantran (Daawat-e-Amal) Marathi

Karma Che Aamantran (Daawat-e-Amal)

By: Maulana Abdul Hameed Qadri Badayuni

Publisher: Taj-ul-Fuhool Academy, Badayun

Al-Azhar Foundation, Pune, India


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Friday, 09 September 2011 20:16

Islam Chi Olakh (Introduction to Islam) Marathi

Author: Maulana Usaid-ul-Haq Qadri Badayuni

Publisher: Taj-ul-Fuhool Academy, Badayun

Al-Azhar Foundation, Pune, India

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 20:57

Islam to the Modern Mind

Title:    Islam to the Modern Mind

Author: Dr Moulana Muhammad Fazl ur Rahman Ansari al-Qadri (RA)


This is a collection of lectures delivered in the 1970's by Dr Moulana Muhammad Fazl ur Rahman Ansari al-Qadri, an unparalleled intellectual giant of his time - known for his unique mastery of both classical theology as well as contemporary science. This book, available for the first time ever online by consent of the compiler Mr. Mahdie Kriel - to whom we humbly express our heartfelt gratutide - is a must read for modern seekers of the Truth!

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Thursday, 04 November 2010 17:27

Tariq al-Najaat Arabic طريق النجاة

Tariq al-Najaat titleTariq al-Najaat Arabic طريق النجاة

By Mawlana Muhammad Hasan Jan Sirhindi (d.1931)

Tariq al-Najaat (طريق النجاة) is an Arabic book written by a great Indian scholar Mawlana Muhammad Hasan Jan Sirhindi (d.1931), a descendent of Imam al-Rabbani Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi and author of multiple books. This is a summary of the way of Truth of Islam, including basic beliefs of Ahl al-Sunnah, Taqlid, Akhlaq and other necessities. In the end, 42 selected letters of Imam Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi are attached, translated in Arabic.

ألف هذا الكتاب (طريق النجاة) باللغة العربية العالم الفاضل محمد حسن جان احد علماء الاسلام في الهند و هو من ولد الامام الرباني المجدد للألف الثاني و يحتوي الكتاب معلومات طويلة في العقل، و يبين المصادر الاربعة للعلوم الدينية المسماة بالأدلة الشرعية و يبين ايضا شروط الايمان الستة، و شروط الاسلام الخمسة، و وجوب تقليد احد المذاهب الاربعة، و يعرف الاخلاق المحمودة و المذمومة، و يتضمن 218 عددأ من اقوال احمد بن عطاء الله الإسكنداني في التصوف. و اضيف الى آخر الكتاب (رسالة التنوير) الباحث عن القضاء و القدر. ألف الكتاب في سنة 1349 هـ. [1931 م.] و طبع في الهند. و قد اضيف ايضا الى الكتاب اثنان و اربعون مكتوبا انتخبناها من المكتوبات لمحمد معصوم الفاروقي.


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Takmil al-Iman (Urdu Translation) by Shaykh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlavi

A beautiful book of theology on Islamic beliefs.

تکمیل الایمان اردو ترجمہ

مصنف علامہ شیخ عبدالحق محدث دہلوی

حواشی: امام اہل السنت اعلیٰ حضرت محدث بریلوی

مترجم: علامہ محمد اقبال فاروقی

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010 09:17

Why do you deceive yourself? - Amharic

Why do you deceive yourself? By Harun Yahya - Amharic

The lifestyles and life goals of the millions of people who live in non-religious communities are very similar to one another. The years pass quickly and then all of a sudden, they face the greatest and most inescapable truth of life: The time of death comes. However, until that moment, they have thought of death very little or not at all. They have been unable to understand the true purpose of life by reflecting upon such realities. While in this condition, they meet with death when they least expect it, unprepared for the Hereafter.

There are various mechanisms people use to ignore the truths of life and to console themselves by doing so. One of these, perhaps the most effective, is self-deception. A person who deceives himself believes he can evade all realities including death and all responsibilities. In fact self-deception is not a solution. What a person really needs to accomplish is to avoid deceiving himself by ignoring the truth, and to take the maximum possible advantage of the period that Allah has allotted to him in the world.

Do not forget that waking up and seeing the truth at the moment of death does nobody any good.

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Friday, 25 December 2009 14:11

Islam (Russian) - Религия Ислам

This book explains the basics of Islam, including the beliefs, practices and rules of shariah. It gives details about the holy nights of Islam, the creed of Ahl-us-Sunnah, and gives biographies of some Islamic scholars of Turkey.

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Belief and Islam (Russian) Всем Нужная Вера

Author: Mawlana Khalid al-Baghdadi (Baghdad Mevlyana Xalidom )

Language: Russian


В этой книге описывается хадис-и шериф пророка Мухаммеда   “алейхисселям”, который объясняет о вере и об исламе, а также об условиях веры, об условиях ислама и о качествах Аллаху Теаля.

This is a book about basic creed of Ahl-us-Sunnah, and describes the Hadith-e-Jibreel of the Prophet.


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This is a translation from the book (Diya-ül Kulub) written by Isak Effendi of Harput. The four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) that resulted from the distortion of the true heavenly book, which the prophet Jesus, peace be with him was given, are investigated and the differences that have these gospels themselves are clearly set out. The holy Quran is compared with the four Gospels.

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Sunday, 06 December 2009 12:07

ISLAMISCHE SITTE (Islamic Morals) - German


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