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al-Hujjat al-QawiyyahAl-Hujjat al-Qawiyyah Fi al-Radd Ala Man Qadah Fi al-Hafiz Ibn Taymiyya

By Imam Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi Sindhi (d. 1174 AH)

الحجة القوية في الرد على من قدح في الحافظ ابن تيمية للامام محمد هاشم التتوي السندي

Hafiz Ibn Taymiyya is a controvercial scholar. In general, Ahl al-Sunnah believe him as a scholar of Ahl-as-Sunnah but with major errors in his Ijtehad.

He wrote a book against the beliefs of Rawafidh (Shiite sect). This contained some statements which were even disturbing for the Sunni scholars, and one of them called Makhdoom Muhammad Mueen Thattvi wrote a Radd against that book.

Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim was not a follower of Ibn Taymiyya. But the book of Radd contained some statements which were against the beliefs and practices of Sunni Muslims and against Ibn Taymiyya. Therefore, Makhdoom Hashim wrote this book as a Radd against the book of Makhdoom Mueen Thattvi.

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Shah Jo Risalo شاه جو رسالو - compiled by Allama I.I. Kazi

Published by Sindhi Adabi Board Jamshoro (Pakistan) in 1993

Shah Jo Risalo (شاه جو رسالو) is the most celebrated poetic work in the Sindhi language. A collection of short verses, it comprises of allegorical Sufi poetry that is highly ecstatic and full of divine love. It was verbally quoted from the most famous Sindhi Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, collected by his followers in the form of a Risalo or Divan. This version is based on the less known but more authentic edition by Allama I. I. Kazi, the person with immense knowledge of Shah’s biography and poetry.

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تحفة الڪرام، سنڌي ترجمو

Tuhfat-ul-Kiram (Sindhi) تحفة الڪرام

By: Mir Ali Sher Qane' Thattvi مير علي شير قانع ٺٽوي

Translated by: Makhdum Ameer Muhammad

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Makhdum Muhammad Hashim Thattvi

(Arabic: العلامة المخدوم محمد هاشم بن عبدالغفور بن عبدالرحمان التتوي السندي الحارثي الحنفي)

(Sindhi: مخدوم محمد هاشم ٺٽوي)

Born: 10 Rabi' al-Awwal 1104 A.H. (1692 CE)

Died: Thursday 6 Rajab 1174 AH. at 70 years of age


Complete Biography in Sindhi by: Dr. Abdul-Rasool Qadri (ڊاڪٽر عبدالرسول قادري)

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Sindhi poetry by Haji Ahmed Hasan Lashari

حاجي احمد حسن لاشاري جي سنڌي شاعري

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سوانح حيات حضرت سهڻا سائين، حصو ٻيو

ليکڪ: بيدار مورائي

Sawaneh Hayat Hazrat Sohna Saeen (Sindhi), biogrpahy of the famous Sufi saint of Sindh Hazrat Sohna Saeen. Volume 2

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سوانح حيات حضرت سهڻا سائين، حصو پهريون

ليکڪ: بيدار مورائي

Sawaneh Hayat Hazrat Sohna Saeen (Sindhi), biogrpahy of the famous Sufi saint of Sindh Hazrat Sohna Saeen. Volume 1

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مقالات طاهريه، سنڌي

مقالات طاهريه، سنڌي

ليکڪ جناب بيدار مورائي

سنڌ جي مشهور صوفي بزرگ ۽ روحاني رهبر حضرت محبوب سڄڻ سائين جن جا ملفوظات شريف

Malfuzat (speeches) of Hazrat Sajjan Saeen (in Sindhi), by Bedar Morai

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ملفوظات غفاريه، سنڌي

ملفوظات غفاريه، سنڌي

سنڌ جي مشهور ولي الله ۽ صوفي بزرگ حضرت خواجه عبدالغفار فضلي نقشبندي رحمتپوري المعروف پير مٺا سائين رحمة الله عليه جا ملفوظات شريف

ليکڪ: حضرت علامه مفتي عبدالرحمان نقشبندي الله آبادي

Malfuzat (speeches) of the great Naqshbandi saint of Sindh, Hazrat Pir Mitha (d. 1964).

Written by Khalifa Maulana Abdul Rahman Ghaffari Naqshbandi


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مڪتوبات بخشيه، سنڌي ۽ اردو

مڪتوبات حضرت خواجه الله بخش عباسي نقشبندي المعروف پير سهڻا سائين غفاري الله آبادي نور الله مرقده

اردو: سندھ کے صوفی بزرگ حضرت پیر سوہنا سائیں نور اللہ مرقدہ کے مکتوبات شریف، جن میں سندھی اور اردو خطوط شامل ہیں۔

Maktubat Bakhshiya. Letters of Hazrat Pir Allah Bakhsh alias Sohna Saeen (d.1983). Collected and published by Bedar Morai


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