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Kulliyat-e-Imdadiya (Urdu)

Kulyat-e-Imdadiya (Urdu)

A collection of 10 writings of Hazrat Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki, a great shaykh of Chishti tariqah in the Indian subcontinent. It includes the following works:

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Hazrat Mir Muhammad Noman was one of the famous Khulafa (deputies) of Hazrat Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf-i-Sani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi (d. 1034 AH). This book contains his authored treatise on Mujaddidi Sulook and Sufi path, and is one of the earliest writings on Naqshbandi tariqa. Attached is Risalah Qayyumiyat by Zaid Abul-Hasan Faruqi (d. 1993), which explains the spiritual status of a Qayyum. Maktabah Mujaddidiyah is pleased to have been able to digitize this valuable and ancient treatise for the benefit of a wider public.

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Mabda' wa Ma'ad (The origin and the return) is a book containing mystical writings of Sufism by the great Mujaddid, collected by one of his khalifas.

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Selected Malfoozat (speeches) of Hazrat makhdoom Nooh Sarwar Halai of Sindh

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Biography of the great Sufi master and shaykh Hazrat Khwaja Abul Hasan Kharaqani (d. 425 AH)

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Qutb al-Irshad (Arabic)

This is one of the best books written on Sulook and Tasawwuf written by any of the later scholars of Sufism. Some shaykhs have compared it to the books of Imam Ghazali, considering this as better than Kimya-e-Saadat. It discusses many topics in traditional Sufism and a large section is dedicated to various practices of Sufi tariqas and their chains of authorization (Isnaad).

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کلام حضرت بلھے شاہ رحمۃ اللہ علیہ، پنجابی

ضیاء القرآن پبلی کیشنز، لاہور

Punjubi poetry of Hazrat Baba Bulhay Shah

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کلام محمد بخش، پنجابی

کلام میاں محمد بخش، پنجابی

حضرت میاں محمد بخش قادری کا پنجابی زبان میں صوفیانہ کلام

Punjabi poetry of Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Qadri

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A book on basics of Hanafi fiqh, original Persian text with Urdu translation

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Ma La Budda Minhu (Farsi)

A book on basics of Hanafi fiqh

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