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تمهید ایمان، پښتو ترجمه

تمهید ایمان، پښتو ترجمه

اعلی حضرت امام احمد رضا خان قادری افغانی

Pashto translation of "Tamheed-e-Iman" by Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qadri

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Tamil Biography of Ala Hazrath Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi, the proclaimed Mujaddid of the 14th century and a renowned scholar and poet of India.

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Hazrat Mawlana Naqi Ali Khan was the father of the great Indian scholar and Muhaddith Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi. He wrote multiple books and this is one of his masterpieces. This is a big Tafsir of just one small Surah of the Holy Quran, Surah Alam Nashrah.

تفسیر سورہ الم نشرح

از حضرت علامہ مولانا نقی علی خان

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اصول الرشاد لمقع مبانی الفساد

مصنف علامہ مولانا نقی علی خان (والد امام احمد رضا خان بریلوی)

Usul ar-Rashaad Li-Maq'a Mabani al-Fasaad

By Mawlana Naqi Ali Khan (father of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan)

This is a really valuable book in which the father of the great Imam, who himself was a leading scholar of the time, has discussed the problems with the Deobandi school of thought in light of the earlier scholars and their works. This is a masterpiece of later day Islamic theology.

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Saturday, 18 July 2009 11:35

Fatawa Africa (Urdu)

Fatawa Africa

Language: Urdu (اردو)

Author: Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi

Pages: 176

Format: PDF


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Ala Hazrat Ka Safr-e-Madinah (Urdu)

Ala Hazrat Ka Safr-e-Madinah (اعلیٰ حضرت کا سفر مدینہ)

Travelogue of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan: Journey to Madinah

Language: Urdu (اردو)


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Hada'iq-e-Bakhshish Vol-1 (Urdu)

Hada'iq-e-Bakhshish Volume I

Poet: Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi [rahmatullah alaih]

Language: Urdu

Pages: 198

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Saturday, 08 November 2008 21:40

List of Online Translations of the Holy Quran


This list contains the translations of the Holy Quran in various languages which are present on the Internet. This list is not complete and new links and languages will be added with time.

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