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التحرير المقبول في اخبار اولاد الرسول

ليکڪ حضرت علامه محمد ادريس ڏاهري طاهري نقشبندي مدظله العالي

اشاعت 1999

At-Tahrir al-Maqbool Fi Akhbar al-Aulad al-Rasool, in Sindhi, details of the sons and daughters of the Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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Radd-e-Rawafidh (Urdu) Maulana Abdul Qadir Qadri Badayuni

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Monday, 01 November 2010 19:58

Tafsir al-Dahaak (d. 105 AH)

Tafsir al-Dahaak (تفسير الضحاك)

Tafsir of Abul-Qasim al-Dahaak bin Mazahim al-Balkhi (Tabi'i) (d. 105 AH)

تفسير الضحاك للامام المفسر التابعي الجليل أبو القاسم الضحاك بن مزاحم البلخي الهلالي الخراساني

التحقيق الدكتور محمد شكري احمد الزاوييتي


Published in 1999 (1419 AH) in Egypt in two volumes - Download PDF

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Sunday, 16 August 2009 12:08


Ganj-ul-Asrar (گنج الاسرار)

Author: Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Language: Urdu

Pages: 70


This book explains that the Qadria order of Sufism is at the apex of the sufi ladder and therefore supercedes all the other sufi orders. Emphasis is stressed on a qadria saint to adopt a lifestyle which keeps him at bay from materialistic people. For every Qadri saint, it is necessary to attend the royal court of the Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H). One should not be over indulgent in materialistic pursuits, it only shows that such a person has not been able to come out of the swirl of the materialistic world. Hadrat Faqeer Altaf Hussain Sarwari Qadri (R.A) has translated the book and thereafter has also provided absolutely splendid and enriching explanation of the relevant topics.

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