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Usul al-Rashad (اصول الرشاد لمقع مبانی الفساد) by Naqi Ali Khan

Written by Mawlana Naqi Ali Khan
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اصول الرشاد لمقع مبانی الفساد

مصنف علامہ مولانا نقی علی خان (والد امام احمد رضا خان بریلوی)

Usul ar-Rashaad Li-Maq'a Mabani al-Fasaad

By Mawlana Naqi Ali Khan (father of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan)

This is a really valuable book in which the father of the great Imam, who himself was a leading scholar of the time, has discussed the problems with the Deobandi school of thought in light of the earlier scholars and their works. This is a masterpiece of later day Islamic theology.

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