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Written by Sayyid Sabiq
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A partial translation of five of Sayyid Sabiq's popular summaries of Islamic law according to the four main schools. Covers: purification and prayer; supererogatory prayer; zakaat and fasting; funerals and dhikr; hajj and umrah.

Author: Sayyid Sabiq

About the Author:

Sayyid Sabiq was born in 1915 in the Egyptian village, Istanha. He received his education at Al-Azhar and after his graduation worked as the Director of Mosques and Islamic Education in the Egyptian Islamic Affairs Ministry. He also taught at Al-Azhar, and later moved to Saudi Arabia, where he headed the Shari'a Graduate Studies Department in Um Al-Qura University. After moving back to Egypt, he spent years teaching students in a Mosque in Cairo.

Sayyid Sabiq was a noted Islamic activist. After writing Fiqh As-Sunnah, Sabiq spent some time fighting along with the Mujahideen in Palestine in the late 1940's and he later visited most countries in the world and lectured in their mosques. He was the first graduate of Azhar to visit the Soviet Union and check on the conditions of Muslims there.

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