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The Guiding Helper: Main Text and Explanatory Notes

Written by Abu Qanit al-Sharif al-Hasani
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The Guiding Helper is a practical guide to the dīn that the Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bless him and give him peace) brought.

The Guiding Helper is based on a famous metered verse song written by a scholar named Ahmad ibn `Ali ibn `Abd al-Wahid ibn `Ashir born in Spain and raised in Fez, Morocco about seven hundred years ago. This scholar divided his song into three books: (1) one about Islamic beliefs, (2) one about Islamic law, and (3) one about Islamic spirituality. He based the first book on a famous text of beliefs called The Mother of Proofs for the Tenets of Belief written by Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Sunusi al-Husayni. He based his second book on a renown text of Maliki law called The Concise Text written by Khalil Ibn Ishaq ibn Ya`qub. He based his third book on a popular text on spirituality called The Letter of Qushayri written by `Abd al-Karim al-Qushayri.
All three of these texts are solid and trusted sources for genuine Islamic knowledge. The Guiding Helper also returns to these three texts. Additionally, we've added sections not found in the original song by Ibn `Ashir by referring to other trusted sources in the abovementioned three areas. Thus, we hope that the Guiding Helper will serve as a solid and trusted source of genuine Islamic knowledge for the English-speaking people from now until the end of the world.

Author: Abu Qanit al-Sharif al-Hasani


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