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Friday, 30 October 2009 00:00

Dirham al-Surrat Fi Wada al-Yadayn Taht al-Surrah

Written by Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi
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This is a short book by the famous scholar that proves the Hanafi way of keeping hands in Qiyam during prayer is proved by Sahih Hadith. Some people published the book "Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaibah" and removed the words "Taht as-Surrat" describing the position of hands. This book shows there are clear and authentic Ahadith showing that the preferred position of keeping the hands during Qiyam (standing) in prayer is below the navel.

Author: Mawlana Muhammad Hashim Thattvi Sindi (died 1174 AH)The book contains following articles:

درھم الصرة في وضع اليدين تحت السرة

ترصيع الدرة علي درھم الصرة

معيار النقاد في تمييز المغشوش عن الجياد

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