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مصاحف القرآن الكریم بقراءة الإمام عاصم

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The Noble Qur'an, the mushaf of qirāʼat of Imām ʻĀṣim al-Asadī al-Kūfī

Out of the ten qirāʼāt of the Holy Qurān, the qirāʼat of Imām ʻĀṣim is the most widely available qirāʼat today and is read in almost all the Islamic countries (a few have other recitations).

There are two riwāyas (narrations) of this qirāʼat, which stand like two branches and have minor differences. The riwāyah of Imām Ḥafṣ, called “Ḥafṣ ʻan ʻĀṣim”, is the default riwāya. The other one is the riwāya of Imām Shuʻbah.

This article lists the links to the editions of the Holy Qurān based on these two riwāyahs.

1 Ḥafṣ ʻan ʻĀṣim

As this is the default riwāyah in most of the Islamic counties, there are numerous editions available. Here, I have tried to provide links to some of the good quality official or acclaimed editions.

Note that there are different writing standards in different countries. The middle eastern standard is used by the Arabic speaking countries and is the most popular one. Other standards include the South Asian and the Turkish standards. The Maghrib standard is also different, but it uses another riwāyah, namely Warsh ʻan Nāfiʻ.

1.1 Madīnah Edition

Muṣḥaf Madīnah is the most acclaimed and widely distributed edition, based on the Middle Eastern writing standard. It is designed by the government of Saudi Arabia, and the design is used by many publishers in different colors and other stystic variations. The official edition is issued by Saudi Arabia. The complete text of the Qurān is manually designed with a calligraphic style on 604 pages.

1.1.1 Graphical editions

The Madīnah edition does not use standard font technology, the whole Mushaf is manually designed with beautiful hand-written graphics. The original files contain vector graphics, which are the best quality version. Following files contain vector graphics for the main text and are easier to read on any screen size.

New version: 66 MB

Old version 128 MB (also available as 97 MB file)

1.1.2 Scanned editions

Files listed below are PDF files containing scanned images of the mushaf. Quality depends on the file size and scanning methods.

Green edition 1428 AH, 157 MB

Blue edition 1429 AH, 161 MB

Brown edition 1429 AH, 166 MB

1.2 Brunei Edition

Called Muṣḥaf Wāthiq Billāh Biriwāyah Ḥafṣ ʻan ʻĀṣim, it is published by the government of Brunei Darussalam. It was published in 2006 and has 638 pages.

القرآن الكریم مصحف واثق بالله، بروناي دارالسلام

High Quality 196 MB

Low Quality 87 MB

1.3 South Asian Editions

The South Asian writing standard is used in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and some other countries. The differences mostly relate to the placement of Aerābs (diacritics), the use of Rukūs, and some other minor differences. The recitation is the same: Ḥafṣ ʻan ʻĀṣim.

Saudi Arabian edition, 172 MB

1.4 Tajweed Editions

Some editions have colored letters to indicate rules of Tajweed, for easier recitation by Tajweed rules.

Muṣḥaf at-Tajweed: Middle Eastern writing standard

Tajweed Edition by Zia-ul-Quran Publications (Pakistan): South Asian writing standard

Tajweed Edition by Pāk Company (Pakistan): South Asian writing standard

2 Shuʻbah ʻan ʻĀṣim

There are a number of editions with the riwāyah of Imām Shuʻbah ʻan ʻĀṣim.

2.1 Madīnah Edition

Muṣḥaf Madīnah is the edition printed by Saudi Arabia in the default Arabic style for Arabic and International readers.

مصحف المدينة النبوية وفق رواية شعبة عن عاصم، ٦٢٤ صفحة، ٩٥.۶ م.ب

Muṣḥaf Madīnah: riwāyah Shuʻbah ʻan ʻĀṣim, 624 pages, 95.6 megabytes

Alternate link

2.2 Brunei Edition

Muṣḥaf al-Wāthiq Billāh is the edition published by the government of Brunei Dārussalām, first edition 2006/1427H.

مصحف الواثق بالله برواية شعبة عن عاصم، ٦٥۰ صفحة، ، ٢٣٧.٧ م.ب

Muṣḥaf al-Wāthiq Billāh biriwāyah Shuʻbah ʻan ʻĀṣim, 650 pages, high quality 237.7 MB

Muṣḥaf al-Wāthiq Billāh biriwāyah Shuʻbah ʻan ʻĀṣim, 650 pages, low quality 89.5 MB

2.3 Jordan Edition

This is the edition based on the default reading of Ḥafṣ ʻan ʻĀṣim. The words where Imām Shuʻbah differs with Imām Ḥafṣ, are written as sidenotes. It is useful for comparing the two riwāyahs. This is the first edition, published in 2009 / 1430 AH, authorized by the government of Jordan. It contains 614 pages.

القرآن الكريم برواية حفص عن عاصم وبالهامش رواية شعبة، ٦١٤ صفحة

نسخة عالية الجودة ٢٠٤ م.ب، نسخة مفخضة الجودة ٨٦ م.ب، نسخة أبيض وأسود ١٦ م.ب

High quality 204 MB, Low quality 86 MB, Black&white 16 MB


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