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تفسیر ضیاء القرآن، اردو

Written by پیر محمد کرم شاہ الازہری
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تفسیر ضیاء القرآن، اردو، پانچ جلدوں میں

مصنف: حضرت پیر محمد کرم شاہ الازہری

ناشر: ضیاء القرآن پبلی کیشنز، لاہور، پاکستان، 1995


Tafsir Zia-ul-Quran (Urdu)

تفسیر ضیاء القرآن

Author: Pir Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari (پیر محمد کرم شاہ الازہری)

Language: Urdu (اردو)

Publisher: Zia-ul-Quran Publications, Lahore ضیاء القرآن پبلیکیشنز

Published: 1995

Tafsir Zia-ul-Quran is a very popular, modern Sunni tafsir of the Holy Quran. It has been published in 5 volumes:


  • Volume 1: Surah Fatiha (01) to Surah Inam (06) - Read / Download
  • Volume 2: Surah Araf (07) to Surah Asra (17) - Read / Download
  • Volume 3: Surah Kahf (18) to Surah Sajda (32) - Read / Download
  • Volume 4: Surah Ahzab (33) to Surah Toor (52) - Read / Download
  • Volume 5: Surah Najm (53) to Surah Naas (104) - Read / Download


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  • Comment Link Monday, 25 October 2010 07:48 posted by

    No dout that pir karam shah sahib (RA) was a an unique islamic schollar and he was a great aashiq e rasool.All of his books are filled with the love of The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH .he taught the love and mercy of The Prophet PBUH throuh out his life . really his life was r reflection of life of Sahabah kiram RA.May Allah descend oceans of His mercy upon his soul.AAMIN

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 20 October 2010 05:00 posted by

    I have already read it out all Tafsir of Zaia Ul Quran which has given more impression and is more beneficial for all Muslin over the world. May ALLAH Almighty bless Pir Sahib for his great efforts.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 12 October 2010 00:55 posted by

    very impressive comparasion of this tafseer with the available tafaseer in this time.may
    God bless the author,s soul with peac.ameen

  • Comment Link Monday, 11 October 2010 11:18 posted by

    i want to recite the Holly Quran in urdu, how i can get the urdu translated Holly Quran by Pir Muhammad Karam Shah sahib!

  • Comment Link Saturday, 09 October 2010 13:21 posted by

    i really impressed by this Hazrat Pir karam Ali Shah Sahib who wrote the tafsir of Qurana very balanced and beautiful.May Allah Bless him .

  • Comment Link Friday, 08 October 2010 18:32 posted by

    May Allah bless per sahib and his son.
    Very nice and great work
    Jzaak Allah

  • Comment Link Monday, 27 September 2010 08:09 posted by

    I am greatly impressed by the wisdom and knowledge of Pir Karam Shah Sahib.

    Allah bless him and The Site.

  • Comment Link Thursday, 26 August 2010 08:32 posted by

    App na bhuhat mahnat ki allah app ka darjat buland kara.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 24 August 2010 08:05 posted by

    Zia ul Quran is very beautiful translate of the Holy Quran. God bless Pir sahib and his sons.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 03 August 2010 12:26 posted by

    Assalam alikum size is too much big for downloading. Pls try to keep small .So that anybody can download in mobile and read. In every mobile contains PDF Reader. So i request you to pls upload one copy for mobile. JAZAKALLAH QAIR.


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