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Risail Maulana Yaqub Charkhi - Urdu and Farsi

Written by Maulana Yaqub Charkhi
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risail-charkhiShort writings (Risail, pl. of Risalah) of Hazrat Maulana Yaqub Charkhi (d.851 AH), the great Sufi master of the Naqshbandi order.

رسائل حضرت مولانا یعقوب چرخی رحمۃ اللہ علیہ

تحقیق و ترجمہ محمد نذیر رانجھا

Urdu translations are given along with the original Persian text. The writings include:

1. Sharah Asma ul-Husna (شرح اسماء الحسنیٰ)

2. Risalah Huraiyah (رسالہ حورائیہ)

3. Tariqah Khatm Ahzab (طریق ختم احذاب)

4. Risalah Abdaliyah (رسالہ ابدالیہ)

5. Risalah Unsiyah (رسالہ انسیہ)

Translated in Urdu by Muhammad Nazir Ranjha

272 pages

Published in 2009

Digitized by Maktabah Mujaddidiyah ( July 2012

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