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Irshad-ut-Talibeen and Irshad-us-Salikeen - Urdu translation

Written by Shaykh Sharaf al-Din Yahya Maneri
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irshad-maneriUrdu translation of two short writings of the great Indian Sufi master Hazrat Shaykh Sharfuddin Ahmad Yahya Maneri, a master of the Kubravi Firdosi order of Sufism. The writings are Irshad-ut-Talibeen and Irshad-us-Salikeen. The first writing, Irshad-ut-Talibeen, can be considered as a summary of the teachings and writings of the Shaykh. The second is a work of Islamic theology.


Translated in Urdu by Dr. Muhammad Ali Arshad

First edition in 1985

This second edition in 2003

Published by Maktabah Sharaf, Bihar, India

52 pages

Digitized by Maktabah Mujaddidiyah ( in June 2012

ارشاد الطالبین اور ارشاد السالکین، دو مختصر رسالے از حضرت شیخ شرف الدین احمد یحییٰ منیری قدس سرہ

مترجم سید ڈاکٹر محمد علی ارشد، ناشر مکتبہ شرف، بہار، انڈیا

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