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ضیاء النبی (سیرت) اردو

Written by Justice Peer Muhammad Karam Shah al Azhari
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This Seerah series is the historic work of the late Justice Peer Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari (RA) [1918-1998] - a renowned Islamic scholar, Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Sufi Saint of the Chishtiyah Spiritual Order - comprising major historical research, and reflective of the love and reverence the author had in his heart for the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


With cogent reasoning and infallable argument, the author obliterates the doubt that the western scholars - by their prejudice, vanity and so-called impartiality - have cast in the minds of people regarding matchless personality of the Beloved Messenger of Allah (SAW).

Credits to whose images of the individual pages of their online editions of these books were downloaded and compiled into PDF format.


Volume 1, 369 pages, 53mb: Download - Read

Volume 2, 588 pages, 90mb: Download - Read

Volume 3, 657 pages, 102mb: Download - Read

Volume 4, 828 pages, 84mb: Download - Read

Volume 5, 984 pages, 134mb: Download - Read

Volume 6, 626 pages, 65mb: Download - Read

Volume 7, 589 pages, 90mb: Download - Read


Total 4641 pages, 618 MB

All files available at


Read volume 1 below:



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