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مڪتوبات شريف ۽ سوانح حيات امام العارفين سيد محمد راشد روضي ڌڻي، فارسي ۽ سنڌي

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A PhD thesis on the biography and letters of Hazrat Pir Sayyid Muhammad Rashid alias Rozay Dhani (d. 1234 AH), a great Sufi shaykh and the founder of Pir Pagara line of pirs in Sindh. The letters are translated in Sindhi, and a copy of the original Persian manuscript is attached at the end (about 100 pages).


These letters were collected by his chief khalifa Hazrat Khalifo Mahmood Nizamani (d. 1267 AH).

By Dr. Nazar Hussain Sikandari ليکڪ ڊاڪٽر نذر حسين سڪندري

First edition 1996

Pages 676

Digitized by – January 2011

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