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Friday, 16 December 2011 17:12

Bidayat al-Hidayat (Urdu translation) by Imam Ghazali

Written by Abu Hamid Imam Muhammad Ghazali
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A book of Adaab (Islamic manners and ettiquette)

Bidayat al-Hidayat بدایۃ الہدایۃ از امام غزالی

By Abu Hamid Imam Muhammad Ghazali

Published in 1999

Pages 112

Digitized by, December 2011

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Imam Ghazali (d. 505 AH)

Abu Hamid Muhammad Ibn Muhammad al-Ghazzali was a great Sufi, a mystic, a philosopher, a jurist and a reformer of Islamic thought in the 11th century CE.

He was born and died in Tus, a city in Khorasan province of Persia (now Iran). He was a great scholar and was appointed as the head of Nizzamiya Institute at Baghdad. But later, he retired and wandered for many years as a Sufi. During that time, he acquired the mystical science of Tasawwuf from Shaykh Abu Ali Farmidi.

His most famous work in Sufism is the Ahya-i Uloom al-Din (Revival of religious sciences), and in philosophy, the Tahafut al-Falasifa (the incoherence of the philosophers). He passed away in 505 AH (1111 CE).

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