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Irshad at-Talibeen (Farsi and Urdu) by Qazi Sana'ullah Panipati

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Irshad al-Talibeen (ارشاد الطالبین), a concise book about the basics of Tasawwuf by Qazi Sana'ullah Panipati Usmani Naqshbandi






از حضرت قاضی ثناء اللہ پانی پتی عثمانی نقشبندی قدس سرہ

Translated in Urdu by Pir Abid Hussain Saifi پیر عابد حسین سیفی

Published in 2002

Pages 144

Digitized by, December 2011

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Qazi Sana-Allah Pani-pati (d.1225 H.)

Hazrat Qazi Sana'ullah Usmani Panipati (قاضي ثناء الله عثماني پاني پتي) quddis sirrahu was a great imam, a Hanafi jurist, a muhaddith, and mufassir, and a Naqshbandi shaykh in the pre-colonial India. He received education from many shaykhs including Hazrat Shah Waliullah Dehlavi. He was spiritually trained in the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi order by Hazrat Mirza Mazhar Jan-i-Janan Shaheed (d. 1195 AH). His shaykh once said, “If Allah were to seek from me a gift, I would present Sana'ullah to Him.”

He wrote many books including the famous Tafsir al-Mazhari (Arabic), and Ma la Budda Minhu (in Hanafi Fiqh). He passed away in Rajab 1225 AH (1810 CE) in Panipat.

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Another old Urdu translation, published 1950


Irshad al-Talibeen, a book of Tasawwuf by Qazi Sana'ullah Panipati

ارشاد الطالبین از قاضی ثناء اللہ پانی پتی رحمۃ اللہ علیہ

Published in 1954

Pages 56



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