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Majmua Fawaed e Usmania - Farsi and Urdu

Written by Sayyid Akbar Ali Dehlavi
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Biography, letters and speeches of Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Usman Damani Naqshbandi (1828-1897)


Original Farsi version

Majmooa Fawaed-e-Usmaniya – Malfuzat, Maktubat wa Mamoolat Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Usman Damani (d. 1314 AH)

مجموعہ فوائد عثمانیہ – ملفوظات، مکتوبات و معمولات حضرت خواجہ محمد عثمان دامانی قدس سرہ

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Urdu translation

This is the Urdu translation of Majmua Fawaed-e-Usmania (Farsi) written by Sayyid Akbar Ali Dehlavi and translated by Muhammad Nazir Ranjha. It contains the biographical sketch, the letters (Maktubat), the Malfuzat and miracles (Karamat) of the great Naqshbandi shaykh Hadrat Khwaja Muhammad Usman Damani (1828-1897 CE) of Musa Zai Sharif.

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The author, Sayyid Akbar Ali Dehlavi was a khalifa of Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Usman Damani, who served him at the khanqah Musa Zai Sharif for more than 20 years. During that time, he used to collect the letters of Hazrat Khwaja and write down his Malfuzat during the large time period he spent there. This is a highly beneficial book for the seekers of the Naqshbandi Order, specially the millions of Naqshbandi followers affiliated to any of the branches of Musa Zai Sharif.

Author: Hazrat Sayyid Akbar Ali Dehlavi

Translator: Muhammad Nazir Ranjha

ISBN: 9698793445

First Edition, October 2006


Contents in brief:

Ch-1: Malfuzat (page 65-147)

Ch-2: Maktubat or letters (page 151-180)

Ch-3: Nasihat-Ameez Ibarat (page 183-225)

Ch-4: Miracles and visions (karamat wa makshufat)

Ch-5: Mamoolat and Taweezat

Ch-6: Khulafa

Final Chapter: Biographical sketches of Khwaja Usman Damani and Khwaja Sirajuddin


مجموعہ فوائد عثمانیہ

ملفوظات، مکتوبات و معمولات حضرت خواجہ محمد عثمان دامانی

تصنیف حضرت سید اکبر علی دہلوی، فارسی

اردو ترجمہ و تحقیق: محمد نذیر رانجھا، اشاعت اول اکتوبر 2006


فصل اول: ملفوظات

فصل دوم: مکتوبات

فصل سوم: نصیحت آمیز عبارات

فصل چہارم: خوارق، کرامات اور مکشوفات

فصل پنجم: معمولات و تعویذات

فصل ششم: خلفاء کرام

خاتمہ: سوانحی خاکے حضرت خواجہ عثمان دامانی اور حضرت خواجہ سراج الدین


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