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Sunday, 28 November 2010 11:21

Anwar-e-Satia dar bayan Maulood wa Fatiha (Urdu)

Written by  Maulana Abdul Samee
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anwar_e_satiah_urThis is a book written by Maulana Abdul-Samee, a khalifa of Hazrat Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki, about the validity of Mawlid and Fatiha and other matters of difference with the Deobandi scholars.

This is a later modified version of the original book, written on the orders of Maulana Muhajir Makki, and is a complete proof of the falsity of Deobandi cult, which is the Indian version of Wahhabism. Deobandis affilitate themselves with the great shaykh Chishti shaykh and Sufi mater Hazrat Imadadullah Muhajir Makki, who himself was a Sunni scholar and clearly dissociated himself from this new school of thought which was inspired by the Wahhabi teachings of Ismaeel Dehlavi. This is evident from the fact that even Hazrat Imadadullah praised the author for writing this book, which is clearly against the Deobandi school.

300 pages

انوار ساطعہ در بیان مولود و فاتحہ

از مولانا عبدالسمیع صاحب، مرید حضرت مولانا امداد اللہ مہاجر مکی علیہ الرحمہ

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