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الارشاد شرح بانت سعاد، سنڌي

Written by شاه آغا مجددي
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صحابي رسول حضرت ڪعب بن زهير رضي الله عنه جي مشهور قصيده بانت سعاد جو سنڌي ترجمو ۽ شرح

ليکڪ شاه آغا مجددي

Al-Irshad Sharah Banat Sa'ad (Sindhi translation) Hazrat Ka'ab bin Zuhair (r.a)

Commentary by Abdullah Shah Agha Sirhindi


Translation and commentary on the famous Qaseedah "Banat Sa'ad" by the companion of Prophet Hazrat Ka'ab bin Zuhair (r.a)

72 pages

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