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Mujarribat Imam Ghazali - Urdu translation

Spiritual diseases and their medicine, by the great Sufi scholar Imam Ghazali

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کتاب اللمع فی التصوف، اردو ترجمہ

The first comprehensive book written on Tasawwuf, by Shaykh Abu Nasar Sarraj (d. 378 AH), translated in Urdu by Sayyid Israr Bukhari.

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Maktubat-e-Sadi (Urdu translation)

Hundred letters of Khwaja Sharaf ad-Din Ahmed Yahya Maneri, may Allah sanctify his soul, who was one of the greatest Sufis of India in 8th century Hijrah (14th century CE). He belonged to the Firdosi Sufi tariqa, a branch of the Kubravi tariqa.

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Al-Ihsan (Norwegian)

A book concerning the Islamic spirituality and science of Sufism which is also called Ihsan or Tazkiya.

Publisher: Noor 92 Publications


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Malfuzat-e-Sharifa of Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlavi - Urdu

Malfuzat-e-Sharifa is the collection of sayings of Hazrat Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlavi Naqshbandi, written by his khalifa Hazrat Maulana Ghulam Mohiuddin Qusoori. This is an Urdu translation, appended with the original Persian text.

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Sirr al-Asrar سر الاسرار

This is one of the best Sufi books, written by the lord of saints Hadhrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani. Originally written in Arabic, this has been translated in various languages as Urdu and English.

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Tanbeeh al-Ghafileen by Abu al-Laith Samarqandi (d.373AH)

A great book about Tasawwuf and Tazkia and life hereafter by the great Imam Nasr bin Muhammad Abu al-Laith Samarqandi (d. 373 A.H).

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Mukashifat-ul-Quloob by Imam Ghazali - Urdu Translation

Mukashifat-ul-Quloob {مکاشفة القلوب} - Urdu Translation

By Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (450-505 AH)


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Addhatic Biggyan (Bengali) - Spiritual Sciences

Spiritual Science Lectures & Instructions of Allama SHAYKH MANZOOR AHMAD Al Ahmadi Uwaysi Naqshbandi Shaddhili Chishty Qaaderi Refa'ie . It's a compilation of Lectures & Instructions regarding spiritual lessons. It is obvious for an individual having physical structure and also possessing heart and mind to discover what else he possesses , what else he bestowed upon, who creates him and why. How one can understand the mystery. How one can make relation with the Creator. What’s the sources of Divine Knowledge. Is there any media to reach Him.

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Muarif-e-Luduniya (Urdu) معارف لدنیہ


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