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گلستان، شيخ سعدي، سنڌي ترجمو


ليکڪ حضرت شيخ سعدي شيرازي رحمة الله عليه

مترجم مولانا محمد قاسم سومرو

روشني پبليڪيشن، ڪنڊيارو، 1998

Gulistan by Hazrat Shaykh Saadi Shirazi, originally in Persian, is one of the most read books of Tasawwuf and of Persian literature.

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Gulistan by Shaykh Saadi, Farsi with Urdu translation

One of the most famous books of Tasawwuf, written by Shaykh Saadi, that was taught in school education throughout many centuries in the Persian world including pre-colonial India.

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The Gulistan of Saadi

Title The Gulistan of Sa'di Buy it from Amazon
The Gulistan of Sa'di - Forgotten Books
Author Sheikh Sa'di
Language English
Translator Sir Edwin Arnold 
Publisher Forgotten Books,  1851
ISBN 1605066893, 9781605066899
Pages 241



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