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al-Fadl al-Mubeen Fi Musalsal - Shah Waliullah Dehlavi

al-Fadl al-Mubeen Fi Musalsal

الفضل المبين في المسلسل من حديث النبي الأمين

by Shah Waliullah Dehlavi (1703-1762) شاه ولي الله بن عبدالرحيم المحدث الدهلوي

Published by Dar al-Kutub Deoband, 1418 A.H. (218 pages)

Shah Waliullah Dehlavi, the author of Hujjat-ullah al-Balighah, was one of the greatest Sufi authors and Muhadditheen of the Indian subcontinent. This book, containing three of his writings, lists all the chains of narration of Hadith received by him from his teachers.

Following three short books are included in this:

  1. (الفضل المبين من حديث النبي الأمين), Ahadith with direct chain of authority of narration
  2. (الدر الثمين في مبشرات النبي الأمين), forty Ahadith narrated by dreams or spiritual visions, personally or from his father Shah Abdul-Rahim
  3. (النوادر من أحاديث سيد الأوائل و الأواخر), Ahadith narrated through the Jinn or from Khidr (Masnad al-Jinn wa Masnad al-Khidr)

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