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مخدوم محمد هاشم ٺٽوي، سوانح حيات ۽ علمي خدمتون، سنڌي

ليکڪ: ڊاڪٽر عبدالرسول قادري

باهتمام: صاحبزاده مفتي محمد جان نعيمي

ناشر: مفتي اعظم سنڌ اڪيڊمي، دار العلوم مجدديه نعيميه، ملير، ڪراچي، سنڌ

ڇاپو پهريون، 2002

Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattavi: Life and Words (Sindhi). By Dr. Abdul-Rasool Qadri. First edition, 2002.

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تحريڪ آزاديءَ ۾ سنڌ جي عالمن جو حصو، سنڌي

مصنف ڊاڪٽر مظهر الدين سومرو

نقش پبليڪيشنز، ڪراچي، 2008

صفحا: 550

Tahreek-e Azadi men Sindh Je Aliman Jo Hiso (Sindhi)

Sindhi Islamic scholars and the Independence movement (of British India)

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السبت, 15 شباط/فبراير 2014 19:30

حضرت بلال، سنڌي

حضرت بلال رضي الله تعاليٰ عنه، سنڌي

مولانا محمد قاسم سومرو (ديوبندي عالم)

Hazrat Bilal, Sindhi, biography

By Maulana Muhammad Qasim Soomro (Deobandi scholar)

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الجمعة, 14 شباط/فبراير 2014 21:05

مخدوم نوح سرور جا سهيوڳي، سنڌي

مخدوم نوح سرور جا سهيوڳي، سنڌي

مصنف پروفيسر محبوب علي چنا

هالا جي مشهور صوفي بزرگ حضرت مخدوم نوح سرور جا سهيوڳي

Makhdum Noor Sarwar Ja Sahyogi, Sindhi

Prof. Mahboob Ali Channa

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الجمعة, 14 شباط/فبراير 2014 20:50

عشق الوٽ، سنڌي

عشق الوٽ، سنڌي

مصنف: ڊاڪٽر غلام عباس مهيسر طاهري

Ishq Aloot, Sindhi, a book of Sufi teachings

By Dr. Ghulam Abbas Mahesar Tahiri

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الأحد, 02 شباط/فبراير 2014 00:00

شمع رسالت، سنڌي

شمعِ رسالت، سنڌي

ميلاد شريف جي لاءِ هڪ بهترين ڪتاب جنهن ۾ نبي ڪريم صل الله عليه وسلم جن جو حليو شريف ۽ فضائل بيان ٿيل آهن.

علامه محمد ساجد فاروقي طاهري

درگاه الله آباد شريف، ڪنڊيارو، 2012

Shama-e-Risalat, Sindhi

By Allama Muhammad Sajid Faruqi Tahiri

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الترديد القوي على من يحب يزيد الغوي، سنڌي

گمراه يزيد جي يارن جي مضبوط ترديد

ليکڪ علامه محمد ادريس ڏاهري نقشبندي

سن اشاعت 2013

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الأحد, 15 كانون1/ديسمبر 2013 00:00

ملفوظات طاہریہ، اردو

ملفوظات طاہریہ (اردو)

ملفوظات شریف حضرت پیر دستگیر خواجہ محمد طاہر بخشی نقشبندی مجددی مدظلہ العالی، المعروف محبوب سجن سائیں

مسند نشین درگاہ اللہ آباد شریف، نزد کنڈیارو، سندھ، پاکستان

Speeches and sayings of Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Tahir Bakhshi Naqshbandi Mujaddidi, who is the great Sufi master of the Naqshbandi Order in Pakistan, and lives at dargah Allahabad sharif, near Kandiaro, Sindh.

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الإثنين, 25 شباط/فبراير 2013 19:29

Browse books by language

Maktabah Mujaddidiyah has a goal to collect and present free Islamic books in every language of the world. We are continously trying to acquire Islamic literature in many languages, to enable the native speakers learn about Islam in their own mother tongue.

Available Languages

Currently we have Islamic books available in 82 languages of the world. Some of them have very few books, whereas others have hundreds of them.

Most of the languages have very few books, and we are always looking for new and better Islamic literature in such languages.

Arabic has such a large collection of Islamic literature (being the native tongue of Islam), that we have decided to present only important works in it. Other websites provide thousands of historical and contemporary Islamic books in Arabic.

Maktabah Mujaddidiyah is based in Pakistan, so naturally we have access to Islamic books in local languages such as Urdu, Sindhi, and others. That is one reason why we have more books in these languages. It is our aim to acquire working partners from other countries to enrich the contents of other languages.

Recently added

  1. Saraiki, a language (or dialect) spoken in Pakistan by about 13 million people. Books of Sufi poetry in Saraiki included.
  2. Avar, books written by a famous Islamic scholar of Dagestan, Russia
  3. Dhivehi, translation of the Holy Quran and Riyadh-us-Saliheen in the national language of Maldives

Missing Languages

We are actively searching for Islamic books, specially in languages other than those listed here. We will be grateful if you any one sends us an Islamic book in any of the missing languages, some of whom are listed below.

  1. Javanese, spoken in Indonesia by 85 million native speakers
  2. Cantonese (Yue), a dialect of Chinese, spoken by 60 million native speakers
  3. Bhojpuri, spoken in India by 40 million native speakers
  4. Sundanese, Indonesia, 34 million native speakers
  5. Maithili, India and Nepal, 46 million speakers. ISO code: mai
  6. Oriya, India, 33 million native speakers
  7. Marwari or Rajasthani, India, 50 million speakers. ISO code: mwr, raj
  8. Lao, Laos, 20 million speakers. ISO code: lo
  9. Igbo, Nigeria, 25 million speakers
  10. Oromo, Ethiopia, 30 million native speakers.
  11. Cebuano, Philiphines, 21 million speakers.
  12. Malagasy, national language of Madagascar, 22 million speakers
  13. Nepali or Nepalese, official language of Nepal, 17 million speakers
  14. Shona, Zimbabwe and Africa, 13 million speakers
  15. Xhosa, South Africa
  16. Haitian Creole, official language of Haiti, 10 million speakers
  17. Konkani, India. Official language of the Indian state of Goa
  18. Afrikaans, an important official language of South Africa, 7 million native speakers
  19. Balochi, one of the four provincial languages of Pakistan
  20. Quechua, South America (Peru and Bolivia), 9 million native speakers
  21. Batak, Indonesia
  22. Turkmen, Turkmenistan, 7 million speakers
  23. Armenian, Armenia
  24. Bodo, India
  25. Dogri, Kashmir
  26. Manipuri, India
  27. Sanskrit, India
  28. Santhali or Santali, India
  29. Slovak, Slovakia, 5 million native speakers
  30. Slovene, Slovenia, 2.5 million native speakers
  31. Guarani
  32. Catalan, Spain, 7 million native speakers
  33. Wolof, spoken by 4.2 million native speakers in African countries
  34. Frisian, Netherlands
  35. Venda, one of the official languages of South Africa, 1.1 million native speakers
  36. Akan or Twi, Ghana, 11 million native speakers
  37. Tsonga, one of the official languages of South Africa, about 4 million native speakers
  38. Tswana, South Africa and Botswana, 5.4 million native speakers
  39. Swazi, South Africa, 2 million native speakers
  40. Sotho, South Africa and Lesotho, 6 million native speakers
  41. Sardinian, Italy, 1 million native speakers
  42. Rundi or Kirundi, official language of Burundi, 9 million native speakers
  43. Yi or Nuosu, China, 2 million native speakers
  44. Lingala, DR Congo, 5.5 million native speakers
  45. Kongo, DR Congo, about 6 million native speakers
  46. Kyrgyz, Kyrgyzistan, 3 million native speakers
  47. Rwandan, Rwanda and Uganda, 10 million native speakers
  48. Gikuyu or Kikuyu, Kenya, 6.6 million native speakers
  49. Irish, official language of Ireland, about 1.5 million speakers
  50. Goergian, Goergia, 4.2 million native speakers
  51. Galician, Spain, 3 million speakers
  52. Ewe, Ghana, 3.6 million speakers
  53. Dzongkha, national language of Bhutan, 170 thousand native speakers
  54. Chuvash, Russia, 1 million native speakers
  55. Chechen, Russia, 1.4 million native speakers
  56. Belarussian, Belarus, 7 million native speakers
  57. Bashkir, Russia, 1.2 million native speakers
  58. Bambara, Mali and Senegal, 4 million native speakers
  59. Aymara, an official language of Bolivia, 3 million native speakers
  60. Afar, Eritrea and Ethiopia, 1.4 million native speakers



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سندھ کے اکابرین قادریہ کی علمی و دینی خدمات (اردو)

مقالہ برائے پی ایچ ڈی

تحقیق و تصنیف ڈاکٹر صاحبزادہ فرید الدین قادری

Sindh ke Akabireen-e-Qadriya ki Ilmi wa Deeni Khidmaat (1198H to 1413H). Religious services of the Qadri Sufi masters of Sindh.

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