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مصاحف القرآن الكریم بقراءة الإمام نافع

The Noble Qurʼān, the muṣḥaf of the qirāʼat of Imām Nāfiʻ al-Madanī.

In the Islamic world, the qirāʼat of Imām Nāfiʻ is the second most widely recited qirāʼat of the Holy Qurʼān, after that of Imām ʻĀṣim (Ḥafṣ ʻan ʻĀṣim). Particularly, the Warsh riwāyah is used as the default in the North African countries.

There are two riwāyahs of the qirāʼat of Imām Nāfiʻ, namely Qālūn and Warsh. Since Warsh is more popular, here we present it as the first, and then the Qālūn riwāyah is given.

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مقاماتِ خیر، اردو

سوانح ہادئ کامل شاہ ابو الخیر معروف بہ مقاماتِ خیر، اردو

حضرت شاہ ابو الخیر عبداللہ محی الدین فاروقی دہلوی قدس سرہ کے مبارک احوال اور آپ کے فضل و کمال و ذوق و سخن کا بیان

مصنف: حضرت مولانا شاہ ابو الحسن زید فاروقی مجددی نقشبندی دہلوی

Maqamat-i Khair, Urdu. Biography of Shah Abul Khair Faruqi Mujaddidi Naqshbandi Dahlawi. Published in 1989.

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لطائف سیریہ، اردو ترجمہ

لطائف سیریہ، اردو

مصنف: مسعود حسن شہاب دہلوی

ناشر: اردو اکیڈمی، بہاولپور، پاکستان، مارچ 1989

Lataif-e Seriya, Urdu. Biographies of two masters of the Uwaisi order of southern Punjab, Khwaja Abdul-Khaliq Uwaisi and Khwaja Muhkam ud-Din Sairani.

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نسمات القدس، اردو ترجمہ

نسمات القدس (اردو ترجمہ)

مصنف حضرت خواجہ محمد ہاشم کشمی، خلیفہ حضرت امام ربانی مجدد الف ثانی قدس سرہ

حضرت مجدد الف ثانی قدس سرہ سے پہلے کے نقشنبندی مشائخ کا تذکرہ

ناشر مکتبہ نعمانیہ، سیالکوٹ

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مولانا ارشاد حسین مجددی رامپوری، اردو

molana-irshad-hussain-rampuriBiography of Hazrat Maulana Irshad Hussain Mujaddidi Rampuri (d. 1311 AH) in Urdu, who was a great Sunni scholar and a khalifa of Hazrat Shah Ahmad Saeed Mujaddidi (d. 1277 AH). His scholarly and spiritual legacy is present today in the form of his books and teachings and his spiritual descendants in parts of India and Bangladesh.

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مقصود العارفين، سنڌي

مقصود العارفين، رسالو شيخ مغل ڀينءَ

لکيل مخدوم عاري

سنڌيڪار نياز همايوني

ڇپايل انسٽيٽيوٽ آف سنڌالاجي، ڄامشورو، 1989

A treatise on the life and speeches of Shaykh Mughal Bheen (died 601 AH), one of the earliest Sufis of Sindh who was a direct student of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Although not all details are authentic, it is a rare glimpse into the Sindhi society and spiritual life in the 6th century Hijri.

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Raudah al-Qayyumiah by Muhammad Ihsan Mujaddidi, 4 volumes (Urdu)

This is one of the earliest and most authentic books on the biographies of the Sirhindi family of Sufi masters in India. It is written in four volumes, each dedicated to a different Shaykh of the Naqshbandi tariqa.

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Writings of Imam Jalaluddin al-Suyuti

This is a list of all the writings of Jalaluddin Suyuti with brief introductory notes and links to those writings on the Internet.

Imam Jalaluddin al-Suyuti (849-911 A.H.) was one of the greatest scholars of Islam, a great Muhaddith, a Faqih of Shafi'i school, and a writer with hundreds of written works. Most of his works are still available today and widely read, published and translated.

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GLAUBE UND ISLAM (Belief and Islam) - German

This book, written by Mawlana Khalid al-Baghdadi, describes the basic beliefs and practices of Islam, with a description of Hadith-e-Jibreel, the famous Hadith quoted by Hazrat Umar.

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