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مراۃ العرفان، اردو و پنجابی و فارسی

Written by پیر مہر علی شاہ چشتی گولڑوی
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مراۃ العرفان، شاعرانہ کلام پیر مہر علی شاہ چشتی گولڑوی قدس سرہ


جون 2000

Mir'at ul-Irfan, poetry of Pir Meher Ali Shah (Punjabi)

Sufi poetry of Hazrat Sayyad Pir Meher Ali Shah Golrav


Published in 2000

Pages 60

Digitized by, December 2011

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Pir Meher Ali Shah Golravi

Hazrat Pir Sayyad Meher Ali Shah Chishti Golravi (پير مهر علي شاه چشتي) was a great Sufi master, a poet and an author of early 20th century in India. He was born on 1 Ramadan 1275 AH (1859 CE) and died on 29 Safar 1356 AH (1937).

He received the Chishti tariqa from Khwaja Shams al-Din Sialvi (d. 1300 AH), who was a khalifa of Khwaja Sulaiman Taunsvi (d. 1267 AH). Later when Pir Meher Ali Shah went to Makkah, he was also awarded khilafah from Hazrat Haji Imdad-Allah Muhajir Makki (1233-1317 AH).

He also played a very important role against the Qadyani fitna, a new religion started by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He wrote Saif-i-Chishtiyai, a famous book against this new heresy.

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