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Salam to all Mulimeen,
Inshallah I have a plan to start a Quran with multiple language translation, such as for India sub-continent (BIP - Bangla, India-Hindi/Urdu, Pak-Urdu. Purpose of this is to cover whole northern belt from Dhaka-Delhi-to-Peshawar, as all three languages (Urdu, Hindi, Bangla) almost close in talking and can be understand with very little efforts. This translated Quran will not only help the people to understand Quran in multiple language but it will bring people more close to each other. There is need to make Urdu translated Quran with all harakat as in Quranic Ayaat. Second multiple - language quran will be in English-French-Spenish-Portguse to cover the whole American continent.
Please remember in your dua (sublication) that Allah help me in my efforts.
With regards,
SF Ahmad
Saudi Arabia
FaLang translation system by Faboba