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لمحات من نفحات الانس، فارسی

لمحات من نفحات الانس، فارسی

نگاشتہ: شیخ محمد عالم صدیقی علوی، متوفی ۱۰۴۱ھ

پیشگفتار و فہارس: محمد نذیر رانجھا

Lamhat min Nafahat ul-Uns, by Shaykh Muhammad Alam Siddiqi Alawi (d.1034 AH). A very rare collection of biographies of Sufi masters.

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تاریخ و تذکرہ خانقاہ سرہند شریف، اردو

تاریخ و تذکرہ خانقاہ سرھند شریف (اردو)

مصنف: محمد نذیر رانجھا

اشاعت: ۲۰۱۱

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الأربعاء, 08 آب/أغسطس 2012 09:36

تاریخ و تذکرہ خانقاہ شرقپور شریف، اردو

khanqah-sharaqpur-sharif-urBiographies of the founders of famous Sufi khanqah Naqshbandiya Mujaddidiya Sharaqpur Sharif (Punjab, Pakistan).

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الإثنين, 23 تموز/يوليو 2012 15:17

رسائل شاہ عبدالرحیم دہلوی، اردو ترجمہ

risail-shah-abdul-rahimWritings of Shah Abdul Rahim Muhaddis Dehlavi, translated in Urdu by Muhammad Nazeer Ranjha. These include, 1) Irshad-e-Rahimiya, a book on the Naqshbandi Sufi path, 2) Anfas-e-Rahimiya, and 3) some letters.

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الإثنين, 23 تموز/يوليو 2012 01:43

Risail Maulana Yaqub Charkhi - Urdu and Farsi

risail-charkhiShort writings (Risail, pl. of Risalah) of Hazrat Maulana Yaqub Charkhi (d.851 AH), the great Sufi master of the Naqshbandi order.

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الأحد, 15 تموز/يوليو 2012 00:00

Durr al-Maarif - Urdu translation

durr-al-maarifUrdu translation of Durr al-Maarif, Malfuzat (speeches) of Hazrat Shah Abdullah alias Ghulam Ali Dehlavi Mujaddidi Naqshbandi (d. 1240 AH)

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This wonderful book is a guide to the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Sufi path and contains guidelines for the various stages of this noble path. The author, a khalifa of Khwaja Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi (d. 1079 AH), has collected excerpts from the books of Naqshbandi masters about specific stages and lessons of this path, with few additions from himself. The books from where the excerpts are taken include Maktubat of Imam Rabbani Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi (d. 1034 AH) and Maktubat of his son Khwaja Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi.

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Tafseer Charkhi translated in Urdu by Nazeer Ranjha

Tafseer of the last two paras of the Holy Quran by the great Naqshbandi saint and Sufi scholar Shaykh Yaqoob Charkhi (d. 1447 / 851H), translated in Urdu by Muhammad Nazeer Ranjha.

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تاریخ و تذکرہ خانقاہ مظہریہ، دہلی، اردو

تاریخ و تذکرہ خانقاہ مظہریہ دہلی، اردو

از محمد نذیر رانجھا

This is a history of the great Naqshbandi shrine called Khanqah Mazhariyah Delhi, with biographies of its founders including Shah Saifuddin Sirhindi (d. 1096 AH), Sayyid Nur Muhammad Badayuni (d. 1135 AH), Mirza Mazhar Jan-i-Janan (d. 1195 AH) and Shah Abdullah alias Ghulam Ali Dehlavi (d. 1240 AH).

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السبت, 21 أيار 2011 00:00

Risalah Unsiyya by Mawlana Yaqub Charkhi - Persian Urdu

Risalah Unsia (or Unsiyya) is a short treatise written by Hazrat Khwaja Mawlana Yaqoob Charkhi (d. 851 AH / 1447 CE), the great Naqshbandi shaykh and khalifa of Khwaja Bahauddin Naqshband Bukhari.

This edition contains the original Persian text and its Urdu translation by Muhammad Nazeer Ranjha. 120 pages. Published by Maktabah Sirajia, Musa Zai Sharif, Pakistan.

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